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Very Tasty Snack for Your Family

Very Tasty Snack Instead of Dinner for Your Family

Hello. Let’s cook a delicious meal  – sausages in potato coat. It’s very quick, rich and tasty evening snacks. The snack idea of sausage and potatoes can be used like as full dish or as potato patty with sausage for breakfast, dinner or snack. Your family will like this sausage and potato recipe. It is better to use qualitative sausages, then the snacks will be tastier.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
3 cups
80 cals
2 pcs
70 cals
4 tbsp
330 cals
0.5 tsp
5 pcs
280 cals
2 cloves
70 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
830 cals
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  1. Grate the boiled potatoes on a coarse grater
  2. Add 2 eggs, salt and flour.
  3. Sprinkle the table with flour and put the dough on it
  4. Dip the dough in flour to make it easier to deal
  5. Form a flagellum and divide it into 5-6 pieces, depending on the number of sausages
  6. Take one piece of dough and make a flat cake
  7. Put the sausage and pin the edges of the dough
  8. Form the dough with hands and dip it in flour
  9. Do the same with all sausages
  10. Pour cooking oil on a pan and heat well
  11. Put garlic on the pan, fry it until golden brown and take out from the pan.Garlic will give the oil its flavor
  12. Fry the four sides of potato patties on medium heat until golden brown. The sausages need to be cooked
  13. Serve the sausages hot with vegetable salad

You can use any fillings: mushrooms, boiled meat or cheese. The easy recipes of delicious healthy snacks become your favorite recipes. Enjoy!

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14.08.2019 01:20

Very simple and quick to prepare, for breakfast the perfect meal. My family liked it. Thanks for the recipe.

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