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TOP-4 celery salads

10 April 2018
TOP-4 celery salads

In order to add variety to the festive dinner, women usually try to cook a lot of new salads. Here are our top celery salad recipes. Each one includes apples and is sure to be tasty. All your guests will be surprised with such healthy and delicious side dishes.

Celery and nuts salad

This easy salad is perfect for the housewives with the lack of time. It`s rich in vitamins and bright. You`ll love it at first sight.


· Apples – 2 pieces (best choice is middle-sized red fruit)
· Celery – 3,5 ounce
· Walnuts – 0,5 of glass (without shell)
· Salad – several leaves
· Mayonnaise (for dressing)
· Spices (to taste).

Celery and nuts salad. Recipe

1. Wash apples and peel them. Cut them into middle-sized cubes and put into the bowl.
2. Take salad celery, wash it and cut into thin and small pieces. Add into the bowl as well.
3. As for the walnuts, you may pour boiling water on them in order to get rid of the skin. Grind them and add into the main bowl.
4. You may also salt and pepper everything to taste. Then add mayonnaise. It`s recommended to use homemade sauce, since it`s healthier. Mix salad well.
5. Wash salad leaves.
6. Find beautiful plate and cover it with the leaves. Put your delicious salad on the top of it.

As you see, you may cope with cooking this fresh salad quickly. It looks delicious and melts in the mouth of each hungry guest. Good luck with cooking!

Meat salad with celery

For cooking this delicious meat salad, you need minimal collection of ingredients. Still, the results are great, as the salad is filling and delicious.


· Chicken fillet – 10,5 – 14 ounce
· Celery – 4,2 – 5,2 ounce
· Apple – 1-2 pieces
· Boiled egg – 2 pieces
· Vegetable oil (for dressing)
· Juice of one lemon
· Salt and pepper to taste.

Meat salad with celery. Recipe

1. Wash chicken fillet and boil it in salted water. When poultry is ready, cool it down and then cut into long thin slices.
2. Wash celery well. Peel it and cut into slices too. Sprinkle with the juice of one lemon.
3. Wash an apple and get rid of the skin and core. Cut it into small squares.
4. Boil eggs and cut them into small cubes.
5. Combine all the ingredients and pour vegetable oil into the bowl. Pepper salad.

Some people use mayonnaise instead of lemon dressing. However, the latter is definitely healthier and more interesting. Take care of yourself!

Celery salad with cheese

There are thousands of healthy and delicious salads in the world. People cook them both for ordinary meals and for festive dinners. Celery side dish, we`re going to talk about is perfect for both.


· Celery – 3,5 ounce
· Apple – 1 piece
· Cheese – 3,5 ounce
· Spices to taste
· Lemon – 0,5 piece (for juice only)
· Greens (for decoration)
· Mayonnaise.

Celery salad with cheese. Recipe

1. Wash the celery root and peel it. Grate the root.
2. Wash apples and get rid of skin and cores. Grate it too. It will darken in several minutes, so don`t be afraid of unusual color.
3. Grate cheese for salad and add into the bowl together with apples and celery.
4. Sprinkle everything with the lemon juice.
5. Salt and pepper your salad and add a bit of mayonnaise.
6. Mix everything and put into the fridge for an hour.

You may decorate this dish before serving. Use greens or leaves for your salad to look more beautiful. Bon appetite!

Vitamin salad with celery and cucumber

Among celery recipes vegan salads are common. This dish is rich in vitamins and fresh. All the ingredients are available, so you may cook it even every day, enjoying bright colors and nice taste.


· Celery root
· Cabbage – ¼ piece
· Sweet pepper – 1 piece
· Cucumber – 1 middle-sized vegetable
· Tomatoes
· Apple – 1 piece
· Olive oil (for dressing)
· Spices to taste (pepper, paprika, salt)
· Lemon juice
· Sugar – 1 pinch.

Vitamin salad with celery and cucumber. Recipe

1. Wash celery, peel and cut into thin slices.
2. Chop cabbage.
3. Wash sweet pepper, cut out the core and cut main part into stripes.
4. Grate fresh cucumber.
5. Cut tomatoes into squares. Get rid of the liquid core not to spoil the salad.
6. Peel apple and grate it.
7. Mix all the ingredients.
8. Now it`s time to cook the dressing. Mix olive oil with spices and lemon juice. Pour this dressing into the bowl with the salad.

It important to mix all the ingredients gently. Otherwise they`ll be mashed. The core of this salad is combination of apple, celery and cucumbers. All the other ingredients may be changed. If you want, you may decorate the dish with parsley or other greens. Try this salad, it`s worth your attention!

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