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Tomatoes and Pepper Smoothie


This heating tomato smoothie is one of the most unusual snacks you may cook this summer!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
2,5 cups
20 cals
Bell pepper
1 cup
30 cals
0,5 cup
40 cals
1 cup
45 cals
Olive oil
5 ml
135 cals
Flaxseeds or sesame seeds
1,5 tbsp.
80 ml.
73 cals
Salt, red ground pepper
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
343 cals
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  1. Wash vegetables and apples and wipe them, using paper napkins.
  2. Cut one edge of tomato crosswise. Put tomatoes into the pan with boiling water. In 2 minutes take them out of water and put into the bowl with cold liquid.
  3. Peel tomatoes and cut each one in 2. Get rid of seeds.
  4. Cut soft tomatoes into cubes and put into the bowl of the blender.
  5. Mix yoghurt with oatmeal. Leave this mass for 15 minutes for the oats to be softer.
  6. Peel carrot and cut it into cubes. They should be small for the blender to turn veggies into smooth mass.
  7. Peel the apple, cut off the core. Cut fruit into cubes or half-circles.
  8. Cut off fruit-stalk of the pepper and get rid of the seeds. Cut it into squares or half-circles.
  9. Add pepper into the bowl with tomatoes. Mash them well.
  10. Then add hard ingredients – carrot and apple. Mash them until there is a smooth mass in the bowl.
  11. Add oil, seeds, oatmeal with yoghurt, salt and ground pepper. The more pepper you add, the hotter will be this smoothie.
  12. Mix all the ingredients until there is a smooth mass in the bowl.

This spicy pepper and tomato smoothie may be served warm or cold. If you like, heat it on the water bath before serving.

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