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Toad in the Hole


This traditional British dish is tasty and nutritious. It was originated in 18th century and like most of classical and simple European dishes, was popular among pour people. The thing is that meat meat - desc learn more... was expensive for most of families, so they had to choose something that is cheaper. Traditionally they`ve combined the leftovers of meat and used this mixture to combine them with batter and delicious gravy.
Some people believe that this dish has such an unusual name, because earlier people replaced meat with toads while baking this dish. However, that`s not true. This dish reminded toad, lying on the beach.
This isn`t exactly healty dinner, but if you`re looking for something simple and nutritious and like British food, you should try to cook this dish.



Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
1.5 cup
335 cals
3 pcs
70 cals
1 cup
130 cals
2 tbsp
240 cals
Olive oil
1 tbsp
135 cals
3 cups
290 cals
to taste
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
1200 cals
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  1. For cooking this cheap and simple dinner you`ll need to use traditional British sausages. They are called bangers. This is that original cheap alternative to meat. They are made with the leftovers of pork with breadcrumbs. Sometimes beef is added.
  2. Start cooking this dish by making batter. Take a large bowl and mix all-purpose flour with salt and pepper. Make a well in the middle of this dry mass.
  3. Pour in milk. Add whisked eggs and melted butter. Mix the dough until it is smooth. Cover the bowl with plastic paper or a towel and set it aside for a half an hour.
  4. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 425 F and prepare your baking dish. Cover it with vegetable oil or butter.
  5. Now you need to prepare your sausages. Pour vegetable oil into your frying pan. Heat it and add sausages. Fry them from both sides.
  6. Transfer them to the prepared baked dish. Pour batter over them. Bake bot a half an hour carefully. When the dish has nice golden color, take the dish out of the oven and leave it to cool down.

You can serve this dish with fresh cabbage salad, mashed potatoes or baked beans. Bon Appetit!

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