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Thick British Chowder


Chowder is a classical thick soup, cooked with the salty bacon and lard. If you like seafood seafood - very good recipes with seafood learn more..., you should try to cook this dish. It is very fragrant and nutritious. If you want to be really impressed, serve the portion of such a soup with the fresh herbs and croutons.

Hot seafood chowder is very yummy if you use only seafood and cream. Modern cooks may also add potato, onion and various sauce into the pan with this rich soup.

Ingredients for
2 tbsp
Chopped onion
1 pcs
2 cups
1 tbsp
Seafood juice
235 ml
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  1. Cut potato into small cubes. Chop the onion.
  2. Strain the liquid from the can with the seafood.
  3. Fry lard in the deep pot with the thick bottom. Add chopped onion into the same pan.
  4. Add potato for it to be covered with the fat. Add the flour and mix everything one more time.
  5. Add the liquid and boil this mass. Slow down the fire and cover the pan with the lid.
  6. Cook everything for 20 minutes until potato is soft.
  7. Meanwhile mix fat cream with the milk. Later pour this mass into the pan. Mix everything carefully. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve this divine hot soup with the fresh parsley. Bon Appetite!

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