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The Recipe for a Buttermilk Substitute


 Buttermilk is an ingredient that should be used while cooking various dessert dessert - very good recipes of dessert learn more... and other meals. It is much thicker than milk and can be used while cooking pastries.

 Most frequently buttermilk is used for cooking buns, cakes and so on. But if you do not have enough of this ingredient, you can substitute it with… Well, now we’ll learn what we can use to substitute buttermilk!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
1 cup
130 cals
Lemon juice
1 tbsp
15 cals
Lemon acid
to taste
Total calories in the prepared dish
145 cals
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  1. The recipe for buttermilk substitute is very easy. Mix milk with cream and acid.
  2. Set this mixture aside for 10 minutes. Leave the mixture for several more minutes. In the meantime the mass will become thicker.
  3. Whip everything for several seconds. Leave everything in the fridge and use whenever you need.

This buttermilk replacement is very healthy and tasty.

If you wonder how to make a buttermilk substitute, you can use several more ideas: all of them are easy!

  •         Use yogurt. This recipe seems to be too easy. Use milk mixed with yoghurt. The liquid will be not too thick. Another idea is to use 0.25 cup of water to mix with the yoghurt. Continue cooking the dish with this liquid.
  •         Find a cup of sour cream! This ingredient, mixed with milk or water is gorgeous as well.

These substitutes for buttermilk in cakes and other meals works because all of them have enough acid. Like buttermilk, these substitutes will help you cook yummy pastries and cook other delicious desserts!

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