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Thai-style Omelette


Good morning, guys!
Today I`ll tell you the recipe, that seems to be a bit unusual. The main thing that differs it from classical omelette is the way of cooking. It changes both: taste and the consistency of this dish. I`ve tried this breakfast in Thai for the 1st time. Now I`m eager to share this exotic recipe with you.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
2 pcs
70 cals
Ham (you may replace it with meat or even sausages)
2 slices
240 cals
to taste
440 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
750 cals
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  1. Break eggs into the bowl.
  2. Cut ham into small cubes and grate the cheese.
  3. Put all these ingredients into the bowl and mix everything well.
  4. Add salt and whip this mass.
  5. Now find frying pan with high bumpers. Fill it with vegetable oil and put on the big fire. Pour egg mass into it.
  6. In ten minutes start rolling your omelette.
  7. As the bumpers are high, it will be easy to roll it up to the end.
  8. Then continue frying this roll from both sides until there is a slight crunch.

Actually, there are only two main ingredients: eggs and cheese. The rest of components depend on your taste. You may use onion, pineapples or even mango to change the taste of this breakfast. All this combination will be great!
You may serve this dish with the rest of ham and cheese. All the members of your family will be surprised with the taste of this egg roll! Bon Appetite!

Chef Andrew
My name is Andrew. I am the chef of the site "Very Tasty". This is a real creative kitchen!
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