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Taco Seasoning Mix in the Jar


Whenever you cook taco, fresh salad, snack snack - desc learn more... soup or chicken, you need to add perfect combination of spices to your meal. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for perfect spice mix able to make all your meals better. When you make this seasoning mix, you can control the process by yourself as well as the amount of spices used.

Another good part of the recipe is that it takes literary 3-5 minutes to make a whole jar of the spices, you`re going to use next weeks. What is more homemade taco mix doesn`t include additives and is very healthy and neutral.

So, let`s take a look at the list of ingredients you need to cook perfect taco seasoning mix.

  •         Chili powder. This is the most important ingredient. It gives your taco that great Mexican flavor. Besides chili powder, you can add onion powder and garlic powder. They will enrich the flavor of meat as well.
  •         Cumin. Another important ingredient is cumin. It will give your meal light nutty flavor and make taco dish very fragrant
  •         Basic spices. Don`t forget to add salt and spices to taste.
  •         Pepper. Besides fresh ground black pepper, you can also use cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes. However, if there are kids in your house, you can skip this step and make your meal rather mild.

And now let`s get down to the recipe itself.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
0.5 tsp
7 cals
Chili powder
1 tbsp
9 cals
Garlic powder
0.5 tsp
8 cals
Onion powder
0.5 tsp
8 cals
0.5 tsp
7 cals
Red pepper
0.25 tsp
to taste
1 tsp
Total calories in the prepared dish
39 cals
Select all
  1. Mix all dry ingredients in the middle-sized bowl.
  2. Shake everything to combine all the ingredients well.
  3. Transfer this spicy mix to the glass jar. Store in in the warm and dry place.
  4. You can store this taco seasoning mix for a half an hour.

There are a lot of ways to use this mixture of spices.

  •         Add it to your tacos and fajitas. This is the most obvious way to use th whole jar in several weeks.
  •         Whenever you cook chicken, pork, beef or turkey, you can also use these spices. It can also be added to the bowl with ground meat.
  •         There are a lot of spicy Mexican and Italian soups calling for a mixture of diverse spices. Cook Taco soup, bean soup or street soup with corn for the whole family and use this mixture of spice to save your time.

Hope, all your meals with our taco seasoning mix will be very yummy. 

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