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Sweet Homemade Icing


 While cooking cupcakes, cakes and other dessert dessert - desc learn more..., we always use various recipes for icing. But it is not always as perfect as we want. That is why we can suggest to you this unique recipe for a frosting that you can use to decorate your desserts.

 Now let’s look at how to make vanilla frosting easily!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
1 cup
240 cals
Powdered sugar
4 cups
370 cals
1 pinch
2 tbsp
130 cals
2 tsp
Total calories in the prepared dish
740 cals
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  1. Transfer soft butter to the bowl and beat it carefully on low speed. Add 2 cups of powdered sugar into it and continue beating everything.
  2. Add salt, vanilla and milk. Whisk the frosting for several more minutes.
  3. Stir in the rest of the powdered sugar and beat until the cake frosting is smooth.
  4. You can store the frosting in the fridge or use it immediately.

If you want to customize the taste of homemade icing, you can use additional ingredients.

  •         Love coffee? Add its flavor to the frosting. All you need is to omit vanilla and replace the milk with 4 teaspoons of strong coffee. You should use cold coffee so as not to spoil the texture of the icing.
  •         Want to make the frosting less sweet? Use lemons. In this case you also need to omit the milk. Replace it with fresh lemon juice. As for vanilla, you should replace it with grated lemon zest.
  •         Another citrus fruit that you can use to improve the taste of the icing is orange. The instruction is almost the same. Replace milk with fresh orange juice and vanilla with grated orange zest.

 You can make your own icing, using this classic recipe. We hope to give you enough inspiration to do it. Search for more interesting recipes for the dessert on our website. Bon Appetit!

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