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Sushi with Fragrant Sauce for a Romantic Evening


Somehow sushi become one of the most popular Japanese fast food in the USA. If you want to turn eating delicious rolls into a really special evening, we recommend you to cook the meal at home.

To make the taste of the sushi brighter, choose a new simple sauce for salmon salmon - very good recipes with salmon learn more...instead of the soy one.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
1 cup
130 cals
Rice vinegar
2 tbsp
68 cals
to taste
55 cals
Soy sauce
to taste
78 cals
Nori, ginger
to taste
110 cals
1 tsp
370 cals
Sea salt
0.25 tsp
Cream cheese
1 cup
130 cals
2 pcs
200 cals
Red caviar
0.25 cup
80 cals
1 pcs
30 cals
1 pcs
160 cals
Red bell pepper
to taste
82 cals
Red chili pepper
to taste
70 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1563 cals
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  1. Wash rice carefully. Try not to mash it while washing. Leave the rice in the bowl with the cold water for 30-45 minutes. Then put the rice into the pan with the thick bottom. Add water. Cover the pan with the lid. Boil it slowly. Then slow down the fire and cook rice for 10-12 more minutes. Take the pan off the fire and leave the rice for 15 minutes in the pan. Meanwhile cook the marinade. Mix vinegar with the salt and sugar. Add this liquid into the pan with the rice. Mix everything carefully with the wooden spatula. Leave the rice to cool down.
  2. For cooking the filling, I recommend you to use semi-salted salmon and red caviar.
  3. Cover the list of nori with the layer of rice. Add sesame seeds. Cover it with the cream cheese, fish, caviar and vegetables, sliced into thin strips.
  4. Form tight rolls and cut them with the sharp knife.

The best sauce to go with salmon sushi is the soy sauce. Add a portion of this fragrant liquid, wasabi and ginger. Serve this classical Japanese snack on the big plate. Bon Appetite!

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