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Super-quick Banana Ice Cream


This recipe is a real god-send for busy mums. Kids love ice cream. Therefore, you may cook healthy banana ice cream. Use this simple recipe and enjoy the taste of this dessert together with your kids.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Ripe bananas (yellow with brown dots)
3 pcs
120 cals
Honey (or any other sweetener)
1 tbsp
90 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
210 cals
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  1. Choose sweet bananas. If they`re not sweet enough, add sweetener.
  2. Cut bananas into 0,1 inch circles. Put these circles into the plastic box and cover it with the lid. Put it into the freezer for 2 hours. If the freezer is too small, put these circles into the plastic bag. If they stick, you may defrost them for a minute or two and use for cooking your ice cream.
  3. Put these circles into the bowl of the blender and mash them. The blender should be powerful enough to turn frozen fruit into smooth mass.
  4. If your blender isn`t that powerful, the process will take more time.
  5. This dessert should be served in small bowls, decorated with fruits or berries.

However, it tastes great even without any additional ingredients. One more idea is to cook banana ice cream with milk. Peel and slice your bananas. Freeze them and put into the bowl of the blender. The only difference is that now you need to add several tablespoons of milk into the bowl. In this case, your ice cream will have creamy taste. Therefore, you won`t understand that your ice cream isn`t “real”. If you like chocolate taste, add 2 teaspoon of cocoa powder into the bowl. It will be very tasty! I also recommend you to try quick banana ice cream with homemade peanut butter. It`s both healthy and yummy. One more idea that is interesting is to make the dish brighter, adding strawberries into the bowl with mashed bananas. Serve this gorgeous pink ice cream, decorated with leaves of mint and ground pistachios. Try to cook yummy ice cream and share this healthy recipe with your friends.

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