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Stuffed Potato Boats with Ground Meat and Vegetables


Potato boats are extremely easy to cook. All you need is to peel potatoes, fill them with the stuff you like and bake. As a result you get perfect meal without any fuss. Today we`ll share with you one of the easiest recipes of this dish. You`ll love this combination of meat meat - desc learn more... and potatoes!



Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
8 pcs
80 cals
2 steaks
280 cals
0.5 cup
230 cals
2 pcs
25 cals
1 pcs
65 cals
2 cloves
70 cals
Spring onion
0.5 beam
6 cals
to taste
to taste
Dry herbs
to taste
7 cals
Vegetable oil
for frying
135 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
898 cals
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  1. First, wash potatoes carefully. We recommend using big potatoes. In this case they will be stuffed with the yummy filling.
  2. Cut each potato in two pieces and cut off the flesh.
  3. Lubricate baking tray with the vegetable oil.
  4. Cover each half of the potato with cream. Arrange all potatoes on the tray. Now cook the filling for the meal.
  5. First cook ground meat. We recommend using high-quality beef or pork.
  6. Add onion and garlic to the bowl of the blender. Mash everything one more time.
  7. Cut tomatoes into squares or mash them as well. Mix tomatoes with ground meat. Add salt, pepper and dry herbs.
  8. Fill each half of potato with this yummy meat mass.
  9. Bake potato boats in the preheated oven. It will take 50-60 minutes to cook them.
  10. When you`re done, decorate each portion with fresh chopped onion.

If you like, you can also enrich the taste of your meal, adding mushrooms or hard cheese. In this case, the taste will be even better. Search for more interesting recipes with potatoes and meat on our website and cook with pleasure. Bon Appetit!

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