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Stuffed Chicken Legs

Stuffed chicken legs

There are hundreds of ideas on how to cook chicken legs. You can serve them with an original sauce or garnish, or even make chicken strips like in KFC. Today we want to suggest you one more extraordinary chicken recipe, you`ll definitely like to try.

Ingredients for
chicken legs
7 cups
4 cups
2 pcs
boiled buckwheat
4 cups
1 cup
salt, pepper
0.5 tsp
ketchup and mayonnaise
vegetable oil
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  1. Take several chicken legs and separate them from the skin. Try not to damage them not to have problems with the stuffing.
  2. When the skin is separated you can meat off the bones.
  3. Chop this meat and put into the bowl.
  4. Cut mushrooms into small squares and chop onion to make the filling juicy.
  5. Preheat frying pan, pour some oil and cook meat with onion and mushrooms on it.
  6. When the poultry is finally cooked, you may mix the filling with boiled buckwheat and add grated cheese.
  7. Salt and pepper it, add parsley and mix carefully.
  8. Fill chicken skin with this delicious mixture, making “fake legs”.
  9. Now, when stuffed chicken drumsticks are ready, it`s time to bake them.
  10. Lubricate the tray with the vegetable oil and fill it with chicken legs. Cover the skin with mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise for the meat to be tastier.
  11. Put the tray into the oven and bake for 15 min. at 374 °F.

As you see, this dish is easy to cook. Now it`s time for you to check the taste and make sure that they are really delicious.

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