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Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Stuffed baked potatoes

Fragrant stuffed baked potatoes is quick and delicious dish. All housewives know that there is a great number of dishes made from potatoes. Today I want to suggest you the recipe of simple and beautiful snack: potatoes with grated cheese. It`s perfect for picnics and festive dinners. Processed cheese give the dish soft sour cream zest. As for the garlic, it makes potatoes fragrant. This is my favourite dish, so I really want you to try it!

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
6 pcs
80 cals
Cottage cheese
2 cups
200 cals
2 cups
220 cals
Soft cream cheese
1.75 cup
230 cals
0.5 tsp
Red hot ground pepper
to taste
Sweet ground pepper
to taste
for decoration
70 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
800 cals
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  1. Boil washed potatoes in salty water, until it`s half-ready.
  2. I recommend you to prick potatoes with the toothpick. In this case the skin won`t crack.
  3. The same toothpick you may use to check whether veggies are ready.
  4. One more advice is that you should choose potatoes of the same size. What`s more, they shouldn`t be too big, as small potatoes will be cooked quicker.
  5. Cut the brisket into small cubes.
  6. While choosing it, you should pay attention to the layer of fat. It shouldn`t be too thick.
  7. Grate cheese and add it into the bowl with cut brisket.
  8. You may replace soft cream cheese with any other sort.
  9. I also recommend you to put cheese into the freezer before grating. What`s more, lubricate the grater with vegetable oil.
  10. Then add cottage cheese into the same bowl.
  11. It`s better to choose granular cottage cheese, as it`s not that dry.
  12. Mix all the ingredients using tablespoon.
  13. Cut pre-boiled potatoes into two halves. Carve out the soft core of each potato. Do not peel it.
  14. Lubricate baking form with vegetable oil. Put potatoes filled with our delicious stuffing into this form. Salt it and pepper. Put thin pieces of brisket on the top of potatoes. Put the form into the preheat oven. Bake at 392 degrees for 15-20 minutes. When the dish is ready, decorate it with chopped green onion.
  15. I advise you to put the form into the middle of the oven. In this case , there won`t be raw sides. If your oven has “Grill regime”, you may use it at the end. In this case you`ll have crusty baked potato in the oven.

You may serve this dish with fresh and quick salad. It will make taste of outback baked potato richer.

· Wash vegetables. You need two fresh cucumbers, 10 pieces of radish, and onion with dill for decoration.

· Cut cucumbers into cubes and put into the bowl.

· Cut radish into slices and mix with cucumbers.

· Chop onion and dill. Greens will make taste fresher and brighter.

· Use vegetable oil for dressing. You need 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Mix everything well.

· It`s recommended to add vegetable oil right before you serve the dish. Otherwise, the taste will be spoiled.

Serve baked potatoes hot. You may supplement it with this fresh salad or bread kvass. By the way, you may use any type of stuffing. It may be mushrooms, minced meat, boiled poultry or vegetables. There are many ideas on our website. Try to cook this dish, and it will become one of your favourites. Bon Appetite!

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