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Secrets Of Cooking perfect Mashed Potato


Today we`ll share with you simple secrets of cooking yummy mashed potato.

This dish tastes good with any dish. It`s a perfect garnish for meat, fish and salads. Meanwhile it`s really easy to cook such a tasty dish. All you need is to buy potato, butter and milk. There are no secret ingredients and the taste of this dish depends on the way you cook it.

  1.    How To Choose Potato

For cooking a nice dish you`ll need to buy early or new potato. It`s easy to boil it and serve with butter and dill. However, if you want your garnish to be airy, choose “old” vegetable.

  1.    How To Boil It

Boiling potato is really easy. First you need to cut it into pieces. They shouldn`t be too small. Though in such a way you`ll cook your dish quicker, potato will lose the starch. We also recommend you to put the potato into the pan with salted boiling water. As soon as it`s ready, strain the water and leave it for several minutes in a warm place.

  1.    How To Mash The Vegetable

Most of people want to save some free time and use mixer or blender for mashing potato. However, if you want your garnish to be really tasty, mash it with a spoon or a special potato masher. In this case, it will be really tender. Keep in mind that there should be no lumps in the pan!

  1.    When Do We Add Butter And milk

Adding milk and butter can also be a problem. If you make a mistake, your mashed potato will become grey. So, you need to use warm milk. We also recommend you to melt butter in it beforehand. When you`re done, pour milk with butter into the pan with your mashed potato. It`s also a good time to add salt.

  1.    Ways Of Serving

Even if you`ve done everything right, your potato may be a bit liquid. It`s okay. All you need is to cover the pan with the towel and wait for several minutes. It will also help you to keep your dish warm for a longer time. One more secret is that you shouldn`t heat your mashed potato. If there are any leftovers, you may use them for cooking yummy pies or casserole.

  1.    How To Make This Dish More Diverse

The easiest way to change the taste of such a dish is to add chopped herbs. You may use parsley or dill. Just chop it and decorate the dish before serving. You may also add ground pepper. If you like all these spicy dishes, you may add pepper together with salt! Another interesting idea is to add such spices as ground nutmeg, cheese or even garlic.



Now you know how to cook yummy mashed potato and can easily cope with this task!



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