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Chicken Legs Baked In the Oven
I want to share with you the recipe of tasty and juicy chicken legs with golden crust. You`ll easily cope with cooking this simple dish. It will be perfect lunch or dinner for you.
Chicken Curry
Chicken curry is one of the most popular English dishes. There is even a special fest in England – week of curry. During this period of time people cook different dishes, using this spice. The rest of the world do…
Onion chops
Today I prepared for you cheap and simple recipe. If you like onion, you must try to cook this dish. However, if you`re a real meat lover, you may try it as well: you won`t recognize this ingredient as chops…
İçli Köfte
This is simple Turkish dish, made of bulgur and nuts.
Authentic Italian Ravioli
Ravioli is a type of Italian dumplings. The difference is that for cooking the dish you need to use eggs while cooking the dough. As for the stuffing, you may use meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or even fruits. I will…
Mashed Potato Pancakes
If I have leftovers in the fridge, it`s a great chance to cook yummy mashed potato pancakes. This dish is simple and tender. Its taste depends on the rest of the ingredients you add.
Spicy baked chicken legs
Spicy chicken legs can be cooked for a picnic or for a festive meal. You should try to cook them. The marinade should be spicy, so taste it before marinating chicken legs. You may add more spices and create tastier…
Deep-fried chicken meatballs
Classical meatballs taste better when they are deep-fried. They have a golden crust and attract the attention of hungry guests. Of course, this recipe isn`t really healthy. However, if you want to eat something special, you may treat yourself with…
Stuffed Yeast Donuts
Homemade yeast donuts are aerial and very delicious. You may stuff them with thick jam or condensed milk.
Filling Hunters Skillet
Here is the recipe for a real man. This nutritious hunters skillet will fill you with energy for the whole day.
Very Tasty chops with Minced meat and Bulgur
Today I want to share with you Turkish recipe of delicious chops made of bulgur and minced meat. This Eastern dish will amuse you. Delicious chops may be eaten as a snack. The main task is to decorate them before…
Stuffed potato with ham and cheese
Here is the recipe of delicious potato, stuffed with cream cheese, garlic and prosciutto.
Quick Grilled Salmon
Salmon is a great source of protein, omega 3s, phosphorus and iodine. This kind of fish is amazingly tasty. That`s why you do not need to cook it for too long. If you want to save this rich taste of…
Сhicken Curry
This tender dish is a combination of thick Bechamel, spices and juicy chicken breast.
Marinated Norwegian Style Trout
Fresh Norwegian fish is the source of vitamins and minerals. You may cook it at home. Even those who do not like fish will eat this meal with pleasure.
Juicy ham baked in the tinfoil
This baked ham may become an alternative to sausages. It is healthy and very delicious.
Baby-potato with cheese stuffing
Potato is one of the most popular ingredients, used for cooking yummy dishes all over the world. Here is one more interesting idea for dinner for those, who like this vegetable.
Buns with mushrooms
There are thousands of recipes of snacks made of puff pastry. Today I want to share with you one more tasty recipe – buns with mushrooms and cheese. You may choose any size and form of pies and fill them…
Fried spicy homemade zucchini
Though there are a lot of different fresh vegetables in summer, most of us prefer to cook something simply and tasty. Here is the recipe of yummy homemade zucchini. For cooking this dish you`ll need fresh middle-sized vegetables. They should…
Baked crunchy chicken legs with mayonnaise
The easiest way to make chicken legs crunchy is to use mayonnaise. This ingredient is cheap and available. One more plus of mayonnaise is that it helps to create this yummy crunchy crust and gives the dish tender creamy taste.
Cauliflower puree
Cauliflower puree is also famous as fake mashed potato. It`s difficult to understand that cauliflower is used instead of potato. Still, they have different taste and fragrant. One more thing is that cauliflower puree is low in calories unlike potato…
Chicken legs with rice
Today I want to give you the recipe of the simple dish, made of chicken legs and rice. It has something in common with pilaf. Rice is very juicy and has rich taste. Try to cook it and enjoy the…
Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and arugula
Vegetable salads are very popular and can be eaten with different main meals. They taste great in combination with meat, poultry or fish. Today I want to share with you the recipe of the salad with fetaxa, tomatoes and cheese.…
Fragrant salty salmon
Salty salmon may be found in different shops and supermarkets. Still, if you`re a big fan of this dish, you may try to cook it at home. The recipe is rather simple. What`s more, you`ll know for sure that your…
Stuffed peppers for diner
This dish is low in calories and may be eaten for dinner. You may also stuff you peppers with carrot, nuts, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic or cottage cheese.
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Snack Cake for Breakfast
When I do not have much time in the morning, I usually cook delicious snack pies. This one reminds me of pizza a bit and is very delicious. For cooking this breakfast you can use all the ingredients you have. I`ll tell…
Tortilla wraps
When spring comes, I like to spend my free time outdoor and cook food on fire. Besides classical rotisserie chicken and grilled meat, I like to make tortilla roll ups. They are filled with melted cheese, delicious chicken and greens. You may…
Quick Empanadas Recipe
Dear friends, today I want to share with you the recipe of quick empanadas. It`s unique and easy, so you won`t have problems with cooking this simple dish. Among all dinner ideas this is one of the best. Perfect combination of the ingredients…
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Tortilla Cheesecake
Mexican tortilla with different kinds of stuffing may be a good snack or even dinner. Here is the recipe of fried cheesecake tortilla. It`s tasty and creamy, so you`ll love it`s taste!
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Snack Сake with Ыausages
There are a lot of delicious recipes of baked sausage patties and sausage burgers. If you have tried both of these ideas, here is one more recipe for you. Snack cake with amazing taste! Your friends will eat it in a minute.…