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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream
This chocolate cake is the perfect dish for everyone who loves unusual desserts. Airy sponge-cakes are literary melting in the mouth. Such a double chocolate cake will definitely improve your mood and make you forget about depression!
Muffin with Blueberry and Streusel
Today I want to share the recipe for amazing muffins. They are literary melting in the mouth!
The Easiest Recipe for Homemade Ciabatta
Ciabatta is one of famous Italian dishes. In fact, this is rather difficult recipe. However, you may use this recipe and cook it in less than an hour.
Gorgeous Chocolate Muffins with Nutella
Here is an interesting dessert with double chocolate. You may eat these yummy muffins with your favorite tea or a cup of coffee.
Chocolate Cake with Berries and Mascarpone
Tender chocolate cake with exquisite mascarpone cream is a perfect dessert for the real foodies. Meanwhile, such a delicacy is rather easy to cook. Here is the simple recipe for you.
Chicken with Potato in the Oven
This dish is simple and everyone like it. Traditional recipe was invented in the USA. However, now there are a lot of interesting and unusual recipes, so cooks may use any of them. Potato can be used for cooking various…
Spicy Carrot Muffins: the Best Vegetable Dessert
Most of us love cakes. However, we can`t cook them as often as we want. The best way out is to bake yummy muffins. You may cook them even every day. Use vegetables for cooking such a dessert and it…
Christmas Bread with Candied Fruit
Homemade bread isn`t the most widespread dish. However, you may cook it for a family dinner. Especially, when it`s Christmas time. Let`s try to cook this yummy and nutritious dessert together.
Famous American Cookies
Traditional American cookies are famous all over the world. They were invented in 18th century. They say that a cook simply spoiled classical cookies, throwing chopped chocolate into the bowl accidentally. This mistake helped to create new and interesting dish.…
Honey Cake with Sour Cream and Berries
If you like traditional Honey Cake, you should try to cook it with sour cream and berries. This dessert is fragrant, tasty and fresh! I recommend to cook it with banana and prunes. However, you may use other dry fruits,…
Fragrant Chicken in the Oven
Baked poultry is a widespread meal. Chicken is simple and affordable dish everyone likes. Today I want to share with you the recipe if yummy chicken in the pastry bag. It`s baked with apples, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. You`ll easily…
Cupcakes for a Party
If you like cupcakes, you should know how to cook them at home. They are easy to cook and decorate. So, I`ll share with you the recipe I`ve tried recently.
Amazing Chocolate Sponge Cake
I want to share with you this perfect chocolate sponge cake. It`s easy to cook and very tender, You`ll like its rich chocolate taste and colour. It`s really easy to cut this cake into 2,3 or 4 pieces. Meanwhile, it`s…
Lemon soufflé cake
This tender and fragrant cake is very popular and definitely worth your attention.
Bunny Shaped Buns
Hello. Today I offer you to cook perfect buns made of cottage cheese dough in the shape of Bunnies. I like this recipe, `cause the dough is cooked very quickly.  The simple bun is soft, tender, airy, and saves its…
Fresh Vegetable Salad
This salad taste like summer. If you want to treat your guests with something special, cook this dish.
Triple Chocolate Cake
Here is the recipe if amazing Triple chocolate cake. Lately it has become very popular, so many people want to know the secret of its popularity. Today we`ll learn to cook this magical cake together. You`ll love this gorgeous dessert…
Eggplants baked with cheese and tomatoes
Summer is a perfect time to fill your organism with vitamins. One of the easiest ways to do it is to eat vegetables and fruits. Here is one interesting recipe of eggplants cooked with cheese and Italian spices.
Strawberry Cake
This strawberry cake is a real godsend for those who a looking for a light dessert for hot summer days.
Chocolate coffee cake
This chocolate cake has reach taste and is easy to cook. You`ll be amused by its wet texture and strong fragrant of coffee and chocolate. One more plus is that chocolate cream may be used for decoration. This process is…
Red Velvet: Classical Homemade Cake
Gorgeous festive Red Velvet cake is amazingly tasty and tender. You may cook it at home, following our instructions. Here is a traditional recipe of yummy cake with cream cheese.
Berry Muffin
There is nothing tastier than tender berry muffin with a cup of your favorite tea.
Homemade éclairs with custard
I want to share with you the recipe of delicious homemade éclairs with custard. This is traditional recipe, so the taste will definitely be delicious. The only one unusual ingredient is topping. We`ll use two kinds of topping: dark (with…
Fragrant salty salmon
Salty salmon may be found in different shops and supermarkets. Still, if you`re a big fan of this dish, you may try to cook it at home. The recipe is rather simple. What`s more, you`ll know for sure that your…
Beef rolls with cheese
Beef rolls with cheese may become your favourite dish! You may experiment with this recipe. Add mushrooms, onion, cheese or any other ingredients you like
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Banana Cake with Light Cream
Tender banana split cake is one of those banana dessert recipes, you should definitely try. It`s quick to cook and the most difficult in this easy banana cake recipe is that you can`t eat it immediately. But when you try this banana cake, you…
Mushroom Salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe…
Walnut cake
Walnut Cake
Today I want to share the recipe of Walnut cake with the readers of Very Tasty. It`s one of my favourite desserts. It`s easy to cook and extremely tasty. There are no unhealthy or too expensive ingredients in this recipe.…
Lazy apple strudel
Lazy Apple Strudel
Have you ever heard of fast cooking Apple strudel? It will save your time, as you do not need to cook dough. Don`t be afraid, this dessert is as tasty, as classical one! Crusty pita bread combined with juicy apples has a…
Filling pie
Filling Pie
It was my granny, who gave me the recipe of this pie. She always cooked the most delicious pies. I recommend you to cook it too. This is one of the variants of tasty shepherd’s pie. Believe me, among all…