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Quick Cheesecakes in A Frying Pan

Quick cheesecakes in a frying pan

For those, loving snacks on snacks, homemade khachapuri will be a real godsend. They are traditional Georgian dish you definitely have to taste. However, these cheese snacks are not that easy to be prepared. That is why we`ve found a simple alternative for busy housewives. Here is the recipe you may repeat at home in several minutes.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
200 ml
73 cals
1 pcs
70 cals
2 cups
330 cals
baking powder
2 tbsp
11 cals
cottage cheese
2 cups
130 cals
Salty cheese
2 cups
330 cals
1 tsp
1 tsp
Total calories in the prepared dish
944 cals
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  1. The process of cooking delicious cheese snacks begins with the preparing of the dough. Mix kefir with one egg, using a whisk.
  2. Put flour into this bowl and add baking powder.
  3. Another important part is mixing cheeses. Add cottage and salty cheese into the dough and stir it carefully.
  4. Dust it with pepper and paprika and mix again. Now the dough is ready and you can go to the oven and get down to work.
  5. These quick tasty snacks are easy to make. Lubricate the frying pan with the vegetable oil and start cooking.
  6. Salty Georgian cheesecakes should be crunchy and well-cooked. When they are golden-yellow, you may put them on the big plate.

These cheesy snacks may be served without any sauces and fillings. However, you may decorate the plate with dill or parsley. Though these khachapuri are “fake”, they are extremely tasty, so you`ll definitely like them.

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