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Potato Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce


There are more than 1000 gnocchi recipe ideas. You may eat them as a snack or serve with your favorite soup or broth. No matter how you serve them, they will need literary melt in the mouth! Today we`ll look at both gnocchi sauce ideas and the secrets of cooking perfect gnocchi dough.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
2.25 cups
60 cals
1 pcs
70 cals
0.5 cup
340 cals
to taste
Garlic (for the pesto sauce)
2 cloves
70 cals
Pine nuts
2 tbsp
90 cals
Fresh basil
1 cup
7 cals
Hard cheese
2 tbsp
440 cals
Olive oil
300 ml
135 cals
1 pinch
Total calories in the prepared dish
1212 cals
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  1. Wash the potatoes carefully and boil them without peeling. Next, get rid of the thin layer of skin and mash the potatoes.
  2. Create a hole in the centre of the mashed potato and fill it with one raw egg and salt. Knead the dough quickly. Slowly add the flour.
  3. Form long thick slices. Cut each one into smaller pieces and flatten each one with the fork, decorating the gnocchi.
  4. Boil water with some salt in a pot. Start cooking the potato gnocchi in this liquid. Once they float to the surface of the water, you can strain the gnocchi.
  5. Now it`s time to prepare the pesto sauce. Crush the garlic with some salt. Add nuts and crush them as well. Add basil leaves. Turn everything into a smooth green mass. Finally add grated hard cheese and olive oil!

Serve potato gnocchi with this rich and nutritious pesto sauce. If there are leftovers in the bowl, you can storage them in the jar. Bon Appetite!


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