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Pink Mulled Wine


 Traditionally mulled wine is made of red wine. However, you can go further and change the color and fragrance of your winter cocktail cocktail - desc learn more.... All you need is to use rose wine as a main ingredient and enrich the taste with fresh berries and ripe grapefruit.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
2 bottles
73 cals
1 pcs
15 cals
0.5 cup
370 cals
1 cups
25 cals
Star anise
2 pcs
1 tsp
1 tsp
7 cals
0.25 tsp
Total calories in the prepared dish
490 cals
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  1. Peel ripe grapefruit very carefully. Squeeze the juice. It is necessary to use fresh juice for the taste of the drink to be brighter and fresher.
  2. Fill the pan with rose wine. Add fresh grapefruit juice. Enrich the taste of the drink with sugar, star anise, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  3. Heat everything slowly. Preheat the liquid but do not let it boil. Reduce the heat to minimum and simmer your drink for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Serve this drink with the slices of orange and cranberries. Add cinnamon stick, orange peels and more star anise if you like. You`ll love the taste of this rose winter cocktail.

Pink mulled wine can be served with various dishes.

  •         Classic fondue. Combination of spiced warm wine with juice and rich cheesy meal is awesome.
  •         If you are looking for simple appetizers, choose large cheese plate. We recommend using salty cheeses.
  •         If you`re serving winter family dinner, it`s a good idea to pair a cup of warm mulled wine with pies.

But if you do not like any of these ideas, drink mulled wine on its own. The taste will still be great. In this case keep in mind that you should definitely serve it correctly.

 Traditionally all types of mulled wine are served in mugs. The best choice is either porcelain or ceramic mug. It will keep the drink warm and well protect your hands at the same time. If you want to enjoy the way this hot cocktail looks, choose glass mugs.

 It is also important for this drink to be warm during all the evening, There are three main ways to do it. First, you can simply reheat it from time to time. Do not bring it to boil while reheating as well. Secondly, you can cook wine in the slow cooker. It will take about 3 hours to do that. Then you can pour it into the glasses and keep the leftovers in the bowl, covered with the lid. Leave it in low heat and drink warm mulled wine during the while night. Finally, if you`re going for a walk or having outdoor party, serve it in thermos.

 Hope, our secrets will help you to enjoy perfect rose mulled wine no matter when you`re planning to cook it. 


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