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Mushroom Salad


There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe of the new salad. So, don`t wait and try it.

Ingredients for
сals/100 gr
Beef tongue
4 cups
270 cals
2 pcs
40 cals
Marinated champignons
1 jar
60 cals
2.5 cups
440 cals
3 pcs
80 cals
3 pcs
60 cals
Salt and pepper
to taste
1 beam
7 cals
1 beam
8 cals
Green onion
1 beam
17 cals
to taste
170 cals
Total calories in the prepared dish
1152 cals
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  1. Boil the tongue.
  2. When it`s ready, cool it down and cut into thin slices.
  3. Grate carrot and potatoes.
  4. Cut pickles into thin slices.
  5. Grate cheese.
  6. Chop greens.
  7. Now you need to find a pan or any bowl to give your salad round form.
  8. The first layer consists of mushrooms.
  9. It should be covered with chopped greens.
  10. Now you should cover each next layer with mayonnaise.
  11. The third layer is potato.
  12. Then you may put either pickles or carrot on it.
  13. Finally, put cut tongue on the top and decorate everything with grated cheese.
  14. Cover the bowl with the plate and turn it down. Now your dish should look like the vegetable cake and mushrooms must be on the top.
  15. Lubricate the edges with mayonnaise. Our mushroom and carrot salad is ready.

Put it in the fridge for several hours. Enjoy your meal with Very Tasty! And if you like different types of mushrooms, take a look at one more salad with mushrooms or another dish, called “Mushroom”.

Chef Andrew
My name is Andrew. I am the chef of the site "Very Tasty". This is a real creative kitchen!
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