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Method recipes: Stewing

Stewed Beef with Sun-dried Tomatoes
If you don`t know what to do with beef for it to be extremely yummy, here is the recipe for you. Cook this meat for a lunch or dinner and serve it with salad or any side-dish you like.
Rice with Meat and Vegetables in the Multi-cooker
Rice is healthy and yummy grain, you may eat regularly. If you`re looking for an interesting recipe for rice with vegetables, here is the recipe for you!
Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Chicken thighs are very juicy and have rich taste. They may be used for cooking stew, rice or barbeque meat. They taste great when marinated and fried or grilled. Today I`ll share with you simple recipe of homemade chicken with…
Caribbean Rice with Beans
If you`ve tried all the recipes with rice, here is one more interesting idea for you. Caribbean rice with beans is spicy and juicy due to the turmeric added. This nutritious dish will fill you with energy and help you…
Autumn Stew with Sweet Potato, Mushrooms and Beans
This stew with vegetables and beans is very yummy and nutritious. You`ll love it`s fragrant and taste.
Vegan Chops with Tomato Sauce
The main problem for the vegetarians is to find tasty and interesting dishes without using meat. Here is an interesting recipe for vegan chops made of chickpeas. They are very yummy and fragrant.
Juicy Beef with Pumpkin
When you cook meat in such a way, it`s lean, tender and very soft. Pumpkin slowly melts and even people who do not like this vegetable will be surprised with the taste of such a meal.
Stewed cabbage with prunes
Stewed cabbage with prunes is a very simple, but yummy dish.
Onion chops
Today I prepared for you cheap and simple recipe. If you like onion, you must try to cook this dish. However, if you`re a real meat lover, you may try it as well: you won`t recognize this ingredient as chops…
Filling Hunters Skillet
Here is the recipe for a real man. This nutritious hunters skillet will fill you with energy for the whole day.
Сhicken Curry
This tender dish is a combination of thick Bechamel, spices and juicy chicken breast.
Rainbow Jelly
Bright jelly can be a perfect dessert for a child’s birthday.
Stewed beef with pumpkin
This nutritious dish with meat and vegetables will make your ration more diverse and healthy. Tender beef with onion is one of the best dishes, each housewife should know. All the ingredients are rather cheap, so everyone may cook this…
Italian meatballs with tomato sauce
This is an interesting recipe for everyday ration. These meatballs with grated cheese are creamy and spicy. Homemade sauce is very yummy as well. You may save it and eat with mashed potato or any other dish.
Cooking Thai meat
Cooking Thai Meat
Cooking meat in Thai is an unusual process. It may seem to be difficult for the person without any experience in cooking, but in reality, the recipe is rather easy. Today I will teach you to cook Thai meat, all…