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Muffin with Blueberry and Streusel
Today I want to share the recipe for amazing muffins. They are literary melting in the mouth!
Homemade Bread You May Eat with Anything
Today I`ll share with you one simple recipe. You may cook this soft homemade bread without any problems. It always has nice crust and soft flesh. Cook this dish with love and all your family members will eat it with…
Panna Cotta: Stunning Italian Dessert
If you like to order Italian desserts in the café, you can easily cook the same dish in at home. Here is the simple recipe for you.
Classical Milk Soufflé
Milk desserts are perfect for those who do not like sweets. It`s very tender, delicious and good-looking.
Homemade Chocolate Candy with Nuts
Healthy homemade candies have rich chocolate taste, so no one will understand, that this dessert was created buy you. Meanwhile they are much healthier than sweets, you may buy in the supermarket. Cook them with dry milk and enjoy the…
Green Smoothie with Avocado, Cucumber and Lettuce
Today I want to share with you refreshing green smoothie with avocado, cucumber and lettuce. You may cook this fresh drink even in the morning when you have no extra time. Smoothie with cucumber is light and fresh. It tastes…
Amazing Salad with Oranges, Cheese and Chicken
This bright fresh salad may be cooked in 20 minutes. Mix yummy ingredients in the big bowl and enjoy the taste!
Strawberry Cheesecake
This is one of the easiest recipes for cheesecakes.
Lemon soufflé cake
This tender and fragrant cake is very popular and definitely worth your attention.
Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese
Combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell pepper and feta cheese sounds like a win-win. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for such a dish.
Chickpea Tomato Salad
Today I want to share with you the recipe of simple but very nutritious salad with chickpea, tomatoes, onion, eggs and amazing dressing. Such a fresh salad will be gone in a minute! Cook it for your friends and family…
Quick Salad
Gourmet salad recipes are really popular nowadays. Here are 2 simple recipes, everyone can cook in several minutes. Taste of a quick salad will pleasantly surprise those, who like beans and cilantro.To begin with, let`s look at the classical bean…
Mushroom Salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe…
Cheese sauce
Cheese Sauce
Fresh vegetables and mushrooms are so delicious. However sometimes they become tastier while being eaten with special sauce. Cheese sauce is one of the best. It gives vegetable tender taste and makes spring ration more various. We`ve found the best…
Delicious diary soufflé
Delicious Diary Soufflé
This dairy dessert is fragrant, delicious and healthy. Diary desert, combined with sweet strawberry, melts in the mouth. It`s perfect for all holidays. Using different silicone forms, you can create various delicacies: hearts, flowers, animals and so on. Your family and…
Lean salad with mushrooms
Lean Olivier Salad with Mushrooms
Recently I`ve tried lean Olivier salad with mushrooms in one of vegetarian restaurants. I liked it so much! It`s one of the easiest salad recipes. You can cook it at home without wasting much money on ingredients. I tried to…
The best eclair cake made out of cookies
The Best Eclair Cake Made of Cookies
Eclair cake is so delicious, that you`ll forget about all your diets. It`s easy to cook and doesn`t require much free time. Treat your family with this delicacy.
Salad "Tbilisi"
Salad “Tbilisi”
 Georgian cuisine is famous all over the world. There is one delicious salad named in honour of one of Georgian cities, you definitely have to try.
Homemade liqueur " Limoncello"
Homemade liqueur ” Limoncello”
Limoncello is one of Italian drinks, frequently served in hot weather. It may be a perfect digestive, apperetif or even the flavour for the ice cream or homemade pastry. However, if you want to try it, there is no need…