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Mediterranean Tomato Soup with White Fish and Olives
This yummy Mediterranean soup is both healthy and yummy. One more plus is that it`s easy to cook.
Vegan Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Dishes without meat can be very tasty. Today we`ll prove it to you. Here is the recipe for yummy pasta with tomato sauce. Combined with herbs, this sauce tastes very interesting. Don`t forget to add the main ingredients of this…
Pike Soup with The Secret Ingredient
Most of cooks prefer to use simple white fish for cooking most of dishes. However, if there is a nice pike on your fridge, you may go further and surprise your friends with the tasty pike soup!
Fragrant and Tasty: Classical Recipe for Delicious Mulled Wine
Autumn is a perfect time to drink something hot, spicy and fragrant. Today I`ll share the best mulled wine recipe with you. Read it and cook yummy drink for your family.
Chicken with Potato in the Oven
This dish is simple and everyone like it. Traditional recipe was invented in the USA. However, now there are a lot of interesting and unusual recipes, so cooks may use any of them. Potato can be used for cooking various…
Wild Mushrooms Soup
Today I`ll teach you to cook simple soup with wild mushrooms, carrot and potatoes.
Caribbean Rice with Beans
If you`ve tried all the recipes with rice, here is one more interesting idea for you. Caribbean rice with beans is spicy and juicy due to the turmeric added. This nutritious dish will fill you with energy and help you…
Homemade BBQ Sauce
Grilled meat taste better when served with spicy BBQ sauce. You should try to cook it at home. It may seem to be difficult, but you should try it.
Classical Milk Soufflé
Milk desserts are perfect for those who do not like sweets. It`s very tender, delicious and good-looking.
Homemade Chocolate Candy with Nuts
Healthy homemade candies have rich chocolate taste, so no one will understand, that this dessert was created buy you. Meanwhile they are much healthier than sweets, you may buy in the supermarket. Cook them with dry milk and enjoy the…
Soup with Chicken Meatballs
One of the best homemade dishes is yummy soup with chicken meatballs. This dish is simple and easy to cook. Eat it hot and enjoy the rich taste. If you like, you may use some extra ingredients: rice, potato, tomato…
Pie with Rice and Meat
This yummy pie is very easy to cook. I usually use this recipe when I have no time to prepare something more complicated.
Cheese Cream Soup with Broccoli
This dish is great for both kids and adults. It`s tender yummy and definitely worth trying. 
Pasta with tomatoes and shrimp
When pasta is cooked with interesting sauces, it tastes better than restaurant dishes. The most important thing is to choose qualitative spaghetti. As for the sauce, it will enrich the taste of your dish. Most of people prefer to cook…
Bulgur with pumpkin
Bulgur with bright pumpkin is a nutritious and simple vegetarian dish. It will make your ration more diverse. Therefore, you should definitely try it!
Pasta with meat and tomato sauce
Here is one more recipe for those who like Italian dishes. This simple pasta may be a perfect dinner for you.
Spaghetti with tomatoes and basil
Gorgeous spaghetti with tomatoes and basil is loved by all Italians. In fact, this dish is really simple. All you need is to buy: whole-wheat pasta and cook it with vegetables and herbs.
Salad with Shrimp
 Summer delicious salad with shrimp and fresh vegetables is amazing. It`s both good-looking and very yummy. Let`s cook it together.
Classical Miso soup with tofu and sea kale
Though there are a lot of interesting recipes for miso soup, most newbies try to cook classical dish. If you learn to cook it, it will be easy for you to create your own interesting recipes.
Noodle with spinach
If you don`t want to cook traditional pasta for dinner, here is a low-calorie recipe for such a meal.
Summer salad with grilled chicken
Here is the recipe of fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers olives and baked chicken.
Chickpea Vegetable Soup
If you`re going to lose several extra pounds, here is an interesting recipe for you. It`s something in the middle between nutritious lunch and diet soup. One more plus of this dish is that it`s very tasty. Therefore, you do…
Tabbouleh salad with bulgur
Here is one more traditional Eastern dish. You should try to cook this juicy, yummy and healthy salad.
Authentic Italian Ravioli
Ravioli is a type of Italian dumplings. The difference is that for cooking the dish you need to use eggs while cooking the dough. As for the stuffing, you may use meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or even fruits. I will…
Cauliflower au gratin
Perfect cauliflower au gratin is tender and juicy inside. It`s perfect snack for everyone. Here is the recipe of such a dish for you.
Cauliflower puree
Cauliflower puree is also famous as fake mashed potato. It`s difficult to understand that cauliflower is used instead of potato. Still, they have different taste and fragrant. One more thing is that cauliflower puree is low in calories unlike potato…
Broccoli salad with egg and tomatoes
Broccoli Salad with Ggg and Tomatoes
Catherine de Medici, French queen, was a big fan of broccoli. It was she, who made this vegetable popular in France. Many different dishes were created since then. However today I want to share with you the recipe of broccoli salad…
Fat burning diet soup
Fat Burning Diet Soup
Dear girls and women, today I want to share with you the recipe of fat burning soup. Perhaps, you`ve heard of soup diets that work. This dish is a part of such a ration. Tomato soup will help you to…
Amazing spring salad
Amazing Spring Salad
Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe of amazing spring salad with peas and corns. It`s easy to cook. What`s more, using simple available ingredients, you can make a big bowl of delicious food. It may be…
Poached eggs – the easiest method of cooking
Poached Eggs – The Easiest Method of Cooking
I have big experience in cooking and always try to create something new. Still, I had lot of problems, not knowing how to make poached eggs. And now I`ve found the solution of this problem. I want to share it…