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Chocolate Avocado Mousse
If you`ve never tried to eat avocados with chocolate, you need to try this dish!  If you`re on a diet, that`s the best choice for you. Use the sweetener for cooking an unusual dessert and you won`t feel guilty, eating…
Green Smoothie with Avocado, Cucumber and Lettuce
Today I want to share with you refreshing green smoothie with avocado, cucumber and lettuce. You may cook this fresh drink even in the morning when you have no extra time. Smoothie with cucumber is light and fresh. It tastes…
Creamy Blueberry Smoothie
This is a perfect combination of freshness and creamy taste. You`re sure to like this delicious drink!
Cheese Cream Soup with Broccoli
This dish is great for both kids and adults. It`s tender yummy and definitely worth trying. 
Strawberry smoothie with ice cream
Homemade strawberry smoothie tastes much better than the one you may order or buy. You can choose the best ingredients and be sure that this dish is really qualitative. Here is the recipe of perfect summer cocktail.
Guacamole with spinach
Most of us like sandwiches and other easy snacks with guacamole. This tender paste can make all simple snacks exquisite. Try to cook guacamole with spinach to make your meals healthier.
Super-quick banana ice cream
This recipe is a real god-send for busy mums. Kids love ice cream. Therefore, you may cook healthy banana ice cream. Use this simple recipe and enjoy the taste of this dessert together with your kids.
Creamy soufflé with berries
Summer is really great time. Summer means different fresh berries everywhere. Here is one amazing recipe for those who really love berries. This creamy soufflé is heavenly tender. You may cook one big cake or serve it in the small…
Fresh Breakfast with Fruits and Vegetables
This light and fresh breakfast will fill you with energy without giving you extra calories. Natural refreshing ingredients are rich in vitamins. One of the main secrets of this smoothie is that apples are used here instead of bananas. Therefore,…
Tomatoes and Pepper Smoothie
This heating tomato smoothie is one of the most unusual snacks you may cook this summer!
Homemade mayonnaise
Homemade mayonnaise
French sauce named “mayonnaise” became popular all over the world. Nowadays there are a lot of mayonnaise brands, however everyone gets more and more suspicious about the quality of these products. Not to feel guilty, eating salads and meat with…
Quick Pie From My Cookbook. Quick and Tasty
My Quick and Tasty Pie
Hello! Today I offer you to cook quick pie to eat with tea. This is the best pie recipe, if you don't have time to cook. The dough consists of simple ingredients and it takes 2-3 minutes to make it.…