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Integrant recipes: Vodka

Hard alcohol is essential for a well-stocked home bar. And vodka is not an exception. However, you may use it not only for mixing cocktails for a huge party. This alcohol can help you to change the taste of your soups, meat meals or even desserts. Do not get sucked into adding too much alcohol of this hard alcohol into the bowl. It`s enough to add several drops into the bowl or a pan, and your fish soup, porridge or any other meal can become tastier.

 We`ve collected with you the best recipes for drinks and dishes able to warm you up in cold winter. It`s not a good idea to drink too much. However, it`s nice to use a bottle of alcohol while cooking your favorite pastry or soups. And remember, that all these dishes are for those who are over 21 years old.

Grapefruit Martini. Bitter Sweet Cocktail Recipe
 Bitter and a little sweet cocktail with fresh grapefruit and martini is great choice for everyone who is bored with classical gin and vodka . You`ll love it both for its nice flavor and awesome pink color.  To make the…
Peppermint Chocolate Cocktail
 Peppermint mixed with chocolate is a perfect combination of flavors! This delicious chocolate peppermint martini can prove it to you! It`s tasty, easy to cook and creates perfect Christmas mood!  Creamy taste with light alcohol flavor will make you forget…
James Bond’s Cocktail. Vodka Martini Drink
Vodka based cocktails are the killer drinks for parties. In such recipes, vodka usually replaces . Dry vodkatini was the favorite drink of James Bond. Let`s learn how to mix the ingredients to make the perfect martini cocktail!
Classical American Pecan Pie. An Old-Fashioned Dessert with Nuts and Sugar Syrup
Pecan nut pie is both good-looking and very tasty. This dessert can become a real success on any party you organize. Old fashioned pecan pie is popular in the USA for more than 200 years. We`ve decided to post a…
5 stars
Pike Soup with The Secret Ingredient
Most of cooks prefer to use simple white fish for cooking most of dishes. However, if there is a nice pike on your fridge, you may go further and surprise your friends with the tasty pike soup!
Homemade liqueur " Limoncello"
5 stars
Homemade liqueur ” Limoncello”
Limoncello is one of Italian drinks, frequently served in hot weather. It may be a perfect digestive, apperetif or even the flavour for the ice cream or homemade pastry. However, if you want to try it, there is no need…