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Integrant recipes: Tofu

 Tofu is one of the most popular sources of protein for vegans. That`s why many vegan and vegetarian recipes call for this ingredient. However, not everyone knows how to cook with this ingredient. Scroll down and read our recipes to learn how to make perfect dishes with this healthy and low-calorie ingredient.

 Yummy tofu may be used while cooking amazing desserts, fresh salads or nutritious lunches and dinners. This soy-based ingredient is almost tasteless, so you may experiment with it`s taste, adding various spices and sweeteners. Tofu may be a part of Asian dishes: salads, noodles or sushi. If you do not eat meat, tofu will literary save your life. Cook delicious stir-fries, pancakes or even pizza with this ingredient. If you like to treat your close people with something sweet, mash it and add into the smoothie bowl or bake pastry with  chopped tofu. When mixed with fruits or sweetened, it tastes really good.

 Tofu meals are something that you definitely you need to try, no matter whether you`re a vegan or a 1000% meat lover. Cook them together with us and make your diet much healthier and diverse.