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Integrant recipes: Sweet-scented pepper

There is no easiest way to make the taste of dish richer and better than adding spices. Fragrant sweet-scented pepper isn`t that bitter and hot as chili is, but it still can improve your favourite delicacies.

 Add it into the bowl with broth, bouillon or soup. Cook stews and sautéed vegetables with this spice to make such a simple dish better. Nutritious meat meals will also become better if you add enough spices into the pan. If you don`t like these small balls, you may grind them. For the dish to be really fragrant, grind it right before adding this spice to the dish.  

 Adding sweet-scented pepper is time-tested way to save every dish even if you`ve already done something wrong. Cook your meals together with very tasty and your dishes will always be tasty and fragrant.