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Integrant recipes: Spaghetti

Used to cook classical spaghetti with cheese and want to experiment with this dish? We`re ready to help you with it!

 In fact, spaghetti is really versatile pasta which may be served with different side-dishes and sauces. We`ll teach you to cook both pasta and delicious homemade sauces. If you prefer classical Italian cuisine, search for time-tested recipes for pasta with tomatoes and meatballs or seafood. However, if you like to try something new, you may  cook this dish with vegetables, cottage cheese or even eggs.  If you have more time, you may cook fried or baked pie made of spaghetti and stuffed with minced meat or covered with the cheese layer.

Serve up gorgeous spaghetti for dinner and enjoy the reaction of your family. They`ll definitely approve your culinary experiments!