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Integrant recipes: Sour cream

This category will prove you that good sour cream can make literary every dish better!

Several tablespoons of cold sour cream can make your favourite cake wet and tender. Search for interesting recipes for cheesecakes or layer cakes, covered with tender homemade cream.

 When spooned over a whole pan of baked or fried potato it gives it really stunning taste. You may also cook various soups or stews with sour cream. This ingredient will give all these dishes rich taste. Sauces made of sour cream may be used as healthy alternative to mayonnaise. This is a perfect salad dressing for anyone. What`s more, such a sauce may be used even while cooking pasta. Check our recipes for creamy tender spaghetti with various ingredients.

Not sure what to do with the leftover of sour cream? Use our recipes and you`ll love all these dishes!

Homemade Kinder Milk-Slice
Delicious homemade Kinder Milk-Slice is delicious and tender cake, you may easily cook for your kids.
Chicken Waffles with Green Onion
If you don’t like sweet breakfasts, here is an interesting idea for you: yummy Belgian waffles with chicken and green onion.
Wild Mushrooms Soup
Today I`ll teach you to cook simple soup with wild mushrooms, carrot and potatoes.
Honey Cake with Sour Cream and Berries
If you like traditional Honey Cake, you should try to cook it with sour cream and berries. This dessert is fragrant, tasty and fresh! I recommend to cook it with banana and prunes. However, you may use other dry fruits,…
Homemade Pancakes with Cottage Cheese and Strawberry Jam
This recipe is perfect for kids. Yummy pancakes may be served both hot and cold. You may add sour cream or yoghurt into the plate and decorate everything with jam.
Zucchini Pancakes with Cheese and Sour Cream Sauce
Yummy pancakes with cheese and sour cream sauce are very tender. All your guests will like this dish! Cover these yummy pancakes with the sauce and form an unusual cake.
Cream sauce with garlic and greens
People say that yummy sauce may change the taste of the dish. Today we`ll cook one of such sauces. You may serve it with all your favorite second courses.  
Mashed Potato Pancakes
If I have leftovers in the fridge, it`s a great chance to cook yummy mashed potato pancakes. This dish is simple and tender. Its taste depends on the rest of the ingredients you add.
Cottage cheese pancakes with semolina
I like to cook pancakes for breakfast, as they are delicious, healthy and able to fill me with positive energy for the whole day. Pancakes with semolina are very popular in my family. Hope you`ll like them too.
Homemade apple pie
Hello guys! It`s time to eat and cook apples. That`s why I want to share with you the recipe of famous apple pie with sour cream. It`s amazingly tasty, good-looking and unusual. You`ll love it`s velvety texture and sour zest.…
Creamy soufflé with berries
Summer is really great time. Summer means different fresh berries everywhere. Here is one amazing recipe for those who really love berries. This creamy soufflé is heavenly tender. You may cook one big cake or serve it in the small…
Baby-potato with cheese stuffing
Potato is one of the most popular ingredients, used for cooking yummy dishes all over the world. Here is one more interesting idea for dinner for those, who like this vegetable.
Broccoli salad with egg and tomatoes
Broccoli Salad with Ggg and Tomatoes
Catherine de Medici, French queen, was a big fan of broccoli. It was she, who made this vegetable popular in France. Many different dishes were created since then. However today I want to share with you the recipe of broccoli salad…
Delicious Cake With Chicken and Mushrooms
Dear friends, I want to present you simple recipe of the cake made of crepes. It`s perfect for a family lunch or a festive dinner. Such a snack with chicken is tender and yummy. Crepes will melt in the mouth. You will…
Delicious diary soufflé
Delicious Diary Soufflé
This dairy dessert is fragrant, delicious and healthy. Diary desert, combined with sweet strawberry, melts in the mouth. It`s perfect for all holidays. Using different silicone forms, you can create various delicacies: hearts, flowers, animals and so on. Your family and…
Cottage cheese casserole with apples
Cottage Cheese Casserole with Apples. The Dessert, That Really Melts in The Mouth
There are many cottage cheese casserole recipes. Today I want to share my favourite one with you. It`s so tender and soft! You even do not need to chew it, just put one piece into the mouth and wait until…
Cake “Poor student”
Cake “Poor Student”
I remember the taste of this cake from my early childhood. Having serious problems with money, mum tried to treat us and cooked that delicacy. I thought it to be the best dessert in the whole world! Recently, I asked…
Quick pie with condensed milk
Quick Pie with Condensed Milk
Having a big family I need to create something new and tasty every day. There is one really delicious and simple recipe of the desert I can cook in 15 minutes. This soft and tender cake melts in the mouth.…
Apple pie with the custard
Apple Pie with The Custard
My granny says that this pie is for all generations. Each one adds something to the original recipe and improves it. Today I suggest you my recipe of apple pie with the custard. It has a divine taste. There are…
Sweet pastry
Sweet Pastry
Dear friends, today I want to suggest you the recipe for tasty homemade pastry. I`ve found it on the internet. The main benefit is that it`s easy to cook. You won`t waste much time on cooking, but the results will…
Fragrant chicken with garlic
Fragrant Chicken with Garlic
Chicken is one of the most popular kinds of meat. There is a great variety of dishes, you can cook, using it. For example boiled, baked, fried chicken. Still, today we want to suggest you something special – poultry with…
The Cake on the Pan
The Cake on the Pan
Hello. Today I am cooking the yummy cake on the pan. This non-baked dessert is great for those who doesn`t have an oven at home. This delicious cake is very tender, tasty, melting in the mouth and not too sweet.  Let’s…
Stuffed meatball pie
Stuffed Meatball Pie
Delicious meatball soup is well known, unlike pies with the same filling. Today we`ll tell you the recipe of the one you may try to cook immediately.
Potato roll with meat
Potato Roll with Meat
Every good housewife can create something tasty and nutritious even with the small variety of ingredients. Potato roll with meat is one of such simple dishes. It`s easy to cook, delicious and cheap. You can treat your family with such…
Cheese Muffins. Cooking in Minutes and Eating in Seconds
Cheese Muffins
Hello, friends! Today I`ll share with you cheese muffins recipe. These muffins are tender and delicious. You can use different types of cheese to make the new taste of muffins, for example, halloumi cheese. Let’s start!  
Super Tasty Quick Breakfast in 3 Minutes!
Super Tasty Quick Breakfast in 3 Minutes!
Hello! Today I offer you to cook delicious breakfast food. The quick breakfast recipes always helps when there's no time to cook breakfast. You should taste this amazing breakfast casserole. Let’s cook?  
Delicious Flaky Quick Biscuits With Sour Cream. Awesome Recipe!
Delicious Flaky Quick Biscuits With Sour Cream. Awesome Recipe!
Hello, friends! Let's cook the best biscuits without eggs and sugar. These simple biscuits can be cooked in 15 minutes. These quick biscuits are crispy, flaky, and very tasty. My daughter likes these good biscuits very much.   
Pie Zebra - Simple Recipe of Very Tasty and Quick Cake!
Very Tasty and Quick Zebra Cake!
Hello! Let's cook chocolate pie Zebra with sour cream. The chocolate pie recipe is the best among other dessert pie recipes. The cake is soft, porous, tender, airy and incredibly beautiful. Let's start!