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Integrant recipes: Red sweet pepper

If you like nutritious and healthy vegetables, you must know what to do with red sweet pepper! Whether stewed, baked or raw, it`s a good company for any vegetable, grain or meat dish.

 Bell peppers are available all the year round. They can make any dish brighter. Slice red, yellow and green vegetables and mix them in the bowl. Such a mixture of colors and tastes may be used for cooking salads, stir-fries and stews.

 It`s always a good idea to cook stuffed peppers with rice, minced meat and other vegetables. Or you may make your picnic ration more diverse, cooking grilled peppers. And if you’re a big fan of Mediterranean, Mexican or Indian cuisines, you know that most of these exotic dishes call for such a nutritious ingredients. Cook Paella, pasta or pizza together with us!