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Integrant recipes: Potato

Nutritious and inexpensive, this ingredient is used while cooking various meals. Potato may be really underestimated: most people either fry it or boil it. However, you may go beyond and prepare exotic and unusual meals.

 Potato slices may be fried with spices and herbs, baked with meat or vegetables or boiled. This is definitely one of the most universal side dishes. Scroll down and search for interesting ideas: creamy mashed potato, jacket potato, gratin or fritters: everyone may find what he`s looking for.

 If you want this veggie to play the main role in your meal, cook huge potato casserole, pie or fry the whole plate of potato pancakes. Served with herbs and sour cream all these dishes will conquer your hearts!

Potato Kabob with Lard: Tastier than Meat
Today I want to share with you a perfect recipe for a picnic. It`s nutritious and delicious kabob made of potato. You should keep in mind that for cooking potato you`ll need twice as much time as for cooking any…
Simple Pie with Minced Chicken
Juicy and nutritious chicken pie will love all your family members. There is a thin layer of the dough and a lot of meat inside. For cooking this dish you may use any part of the chicken or even replace…
Chicken with Potato in the Oven
This dish is simple and everyone like it. Traditional recipe was invented in the USA. However, now there are a lot of interesting and unusual recipes, so cooks may use any of them. Potato can be used for cooking various…
Wild Mushrooms Soup
Today I`ll teach you to cook simple soup with wild mushrooms, carrot and potatoes.
Spicy Potato Pancakes with Herbs
Potato pancakes are really yummy. However, you may get bored with this traditional dish. If you want to change something, try spicy pancakes with herbs and pepper. If you like your food to be hot, you`ll make this dish one…
Fragrant Chicken in the Oven
Baked poultry is a widespread meal. Chicken is simple and affordable dish everyone likes. Today I want to share with you the recipe if yummy chicken in the pastry bag. It`s baked with apples, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. You`ll easily…
Potato with Cheese in the Oven
Baked potato with cheese is simple meal, even a newbie can cook. This hot dish tastes great in combination with any other dish you like. I recommend you to use long potatoes. It`s easier to cut it. If you like…
Soup with Chicken Meatballs
One of the best homemade dishes is yummy soup with chicken meatballs. This dish is simple and easy to cook. Eat it hot and enjoy the rich taste. If you like, you may use some extra ingredients: rice, potato, tomato…
Potato with Bacon In the Slow-cooker
Fragrant potato with bacon is a perfect garnish! Try to cook this yummy and tender dish.
Pies with Potato and Green Onion
Potato may be used for cooking various meals. Today we`ll share with you the recipe for yummy pies with potato and fresh green onion.
Potato stuffed with bacon
Fat potato with bacon is very tasty. This ingredient gives your dish nice fragrance and makes it more juicy.
Healthy baked potato
For cooking this dish, you do not need to use spices or any other additional ingredients. That`s why the whole plate of this baked potato may be eaten even when you`re on a diet.
Quick snack potato pancakes
Here is the recipe of nutritious and quick snack. These pancakes should be served with sauces or fresh salads.
Mashed Potato Pancakes
If I have leftovers in the fridge, it`s a great chance to cook yummy mashed potato pancakes. This dish is simple and tender. Its taste depends on the rest of the ingredients you add.
Filling Hunters Skillet
Here is the recipe for a real man. This nutritious hunters skillet will fill you with energy for the whole day.
Baby-potato with cheese stuffing
Potato is one of the most popular ingredients, used for cooking yummy dishes all over the world. Here is one more interesting idea for dinner for those, who like this vegetable.
Potato Pumpkin Breakfast Pancakes
I want to share with you the recipe of delicious pumpkin potato pancakes with mushrooms. They are perfect for breakfast. This dish is rather nutritious, so it will fill you with energy. Yummy pancakes are very tender, so they really…
Potato croquettes with the filling
This yummy and nutritious snack is something you may cook even for a festive meal. Today I want to share with you the recipe of delicious croquettes with yummy filling. They have crunchy golden crust and juicy filling. They are…
snack foods, easy snacks, baked sausage patties, sausage burgers
Snack Сake with Ыausages
There are a lot of delicious recipes of baked sausage patties and sausage burgers. If you have tried both of these ideas, here is one more recipe for you. Snack cake with amazing taste! Your friends will eat it in a minute.…
Quick pot meal
Quick Pot Meal
If you don`t have much time for cooking the dinner, but still want your meal to be delicious, cook simple one pot meals. Classical potato dish becomes creamy `cause of the cheese layer. Ham gives potato appetizing aroma and dill makes it…
Mushroom Salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe…
Country sausage in the potato dough
Country Sausage in the Potato Dough
If you are looking for new breakfast recipes with sausage and potatoes, try this one. Country sausage in the potato dough can be a perfect snack or breakfast. I even taught my husband to cook it, though he hasn`t cooked…
Stuffed baked potatoes
Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Fragrant stuffed baked potatoes is quick and delicious dish. All housewives know that there is a great number of dishes made from potatoes. Today I want to suggest you the recipe of simple and beautiful snack: potatoes with grated cheese.…
Fragrant baked potato
Fragrant Baked Potato
Sometimes I do not feel like going somewhere, but still do need to feed my family. In one of such days when there was only a pack of potato in my fridge, I created amazing recipe. Continue reading, and you`ll…
Very Tasty Snack Instead of Dinner for Your Family
Very Tasty Snack for Your Family
Hello. Let’s cook a delicious meal  - sausages in potato coat. It’s very quick, rich and tasty evening snacks. The snack idea of sausage and potatoes can be used like as full dish or as potato patty with sausage for…
Potato pancakes with chicken and mushrooms
Potato Pancakes With Chicken and Mushrooms
Potato pancakes with interesting fillings are popular in our family. Recently, I`ve tried new potato pancake recipe. Snack with chicken and mushrooms was a great success.
Filling meat pie with vegetables
Filling Meat Pie with Vegetables
Hearty meat pie with veggies is a perfect alternative for pizza-lovers. My mom cooked it and got lots of compliments. You should also try it, to make sure that it`s really delicious and filling.
Great potato rolls with meat and cheese
Great Potato Rolls with Meat and Cheese
If you`re looking for the sandwich roll recipe, this is a real godsend for you. Potato rolls with meat and cheese can be perfect snack for the whole family. They are extremely delicious and soft. They really melt in the…
Lean salad with mushrooms
Lean Olivier Salad with Mushrooms
Recently I`ve tried lean Olivier salad with mushrooms in one of vegetarian restaurants. I liked it so much! It`s one of the easiest salad recipes. You can cook it at home without wasting much money on ingredients. I tried to…
Filling pie
Filling Pie
It was my granny, who gave me the recipe of this pie. She always cooked the most delicious pies. I recommend you to cook it too. This is one of the variants of tasty shepherd’s pie. Believe me, among all…