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Integrant recipes: Peaches

Juicy and yummy peach is a popular choice for various desserts. Peaches are sweet enough, so there is no need to use any sweetener while cooking tarts, cobblers, cakes and pies. You may slice this fruit and bake, turn into a fresh smoothie or mix with the other fruits in a big bowl. This fruit tastes great in combination with berries, nuts and other fresh ingredients. So, you won`t make a mistake, cooking your favourite desserts! And it won`t be a mistake to bake it with meat, poultry or fish as well. We can prove you that savoury meals may become only tastier, when something sweet is added.

 Summer peaches are perfect for cooking sangria, fresh juice and other sweet drinks. Start your meal with a glass of peach drink and your day will definitely be brighter!