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Integrant recipes: Parsley - page 4

There are a lot of ways to use a bunch of fresh parsley. And you should definitely try most of them! Chopped parsley is a perfect way to decorate any salad or meat meal. You may put it even on the top of hot pizza or pie.

 Add several sprigs of this green herb and enjoy its fragrant. If you have a powerful blender, you may even turn parsley into the sauce to serve your meals with. It`s one of those classic Italian herbs, you definitely have to buy before cooking green pesto.

 This healthy ingredient can also enrich the taste of the smoothies and make them much better. Finally, if you want parlsey to be a real star on your plate, mix it with arugula and any other herb and enjoy the taste of the triple green salad. Get down to work and add more green colour into your life!