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Integrant recipes: Orange juice

This bright ingredient will add a final touch to your dishes. If you`re the one who drinks orange juice in the morning and forgets about it, we`ll teach you to use it while cooking different meals and snacks.

 Sweet citrus juice is a perfect ingredient for cooking various smoothies, salad dressings and sweet toppings. You`ll be surprised with the fact that orange juice may be used while cooking fish and meat meals. Sprinkle ribs or steak with several drops of this juice or cook fresh caramel or glazing. Such a mixture of tastes is a real win-win!

 As for desserts, they may also become better if you cook them with citrus juice. Cook orange ice-cream, soufflé, fruit topping or even bake unusual citrus pastry. Fresh, canned or mixed with water, this juice will make all your dishes more fragrant and tastier!