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Integrant recipes: Minced meat

 Easy to cook and affordable minced meat may be used while cooking various dishes. Most of them are low-calorie and very nutritious. However, you may find diet-friendly recipes in our collection as well.

Stew perfect meatballs with tomato or cream sauce, fry yummy chops and cook huge burgers, sandwiches or nutritious toasts. These classical dishes will never fail.  If you want to try something exotic, cook Italian pasta with small meatballs, ravioli, spicy chili or even little Chinese dumplings. Stuff any vegetable or a huge loaf with mixture of minced meat and other yummy ingredients. Meat mixed with juicy onion and spices always delicious and bound to impress.

Hope, you`ll find your inspiration, reading our recipes!

Zucchini chops with meat and spices
If you want to try something more unusual than traditional meat chops, cook yummy balls with minced meat and zucchini. This is perfect summer dish for you.
İçli Köfte
This is simple Turkish dish, made of bulgur and nuts.
Authentic Italian Ravioli
Ravioli is a type of Italian dumplings. The difference is that for cooking the dish you need to use eggs while cooking the dough. As for the stuffing, you may use meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or even fruits. I will…
Very Tasty chops with Minced meat and Bulgur
Today I want to share with you Turkish recipe of delicious chops made of bulgur and minced meat. This Eastern dish will amuse you. Delicious chops may be eaten as a snack. The main task is to decorate them before…
Italian meatballs with tomato sauce
This is an interesting recipe for everyday ration. These meatballs with grated cheese are creamy and spicy. Homemade sauce is very yummy as well. You may save it and eat with mashed potato or any other dish.
Great potato rolls with meat and cheese
Great Potato Rolls with Meat and Cheese
If you`re looking for the sandwich roll recipe, this is a real godsend for you. Potato rolls with meat and cheese can be perfect snack for the whole family. They are extremely delicious and soft. They really melt in the…
Very tasty meat pie
Very Tasty Meat Pie
Sometimes dinner ideas with ground beef may be really interesting. Cooking meat pie is one of such ideas. It definitely deserves your attention, so don`t waste your time, read the recipe and try to make this tasty dish at home.
Stuffed meatball pie
Stuffed Meatball Pie
Delicious meatball soup is well known, unlike pies with the same filling. Today we`ll tell you the recipe of the one you may try to cook immediately.
Meat roll in pita
Meat Roll with Pita
Pita rolls became really popular these days. It`s quick, affordable and tasty snack. No matter are you a busy mum or a student, you`ll definitely like it. Here is one of the easiest recipes of this roll, which you may…
Potato roll with meat
Potato Roll with Meat
Every good housewife can create something tasty and nutritious even with the small variety of ingredients. Potato roll with meat is one of such simple dishes. It`s easy to cook, delicious and cheap. You can treat your family with such…
Quick pies in the oven
Quick Pies in The Oven
Tasty minced pies can be a delicious appetizer or a main dish for you and your guests. They are healthier and less caloric than fried snacks, and pretty easy to make since there is no need to work with the…
Simple lazy Dumplings – Easy, Quick and Delicious
Simple lazy Dumplings – Easy, Quick and Delicious
Hello. Today I will share with you the quick dumpling recipe.  Sometimes you do not want to waste time on making dumplings. In this case you can use this simple and fast recipe. Of course, the shape of easy dumplings…