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Integrant recipes: Mango

This juicy fruit will perk up any recipe. Most of us think that this ingredient may be used only while cooking desserts. However, this is definitely not true. Still, you may start with cooking gorgeous smoothies, cocktails, jellies and juices. If you use this juicy fruit while cooking pastry, it will be tender and wet.

 However, you may go beyond and cook amazing sour dishes with this fruit. Meat with mango, yummy vegetable rolls, chicken tenders with juicy fruit – there are a lot of ideas for those who are ready to experiment! Don`t forget to check vegan rolls, wraps or nachos. Mix mango with spicy sauces, vegetables and beans and stuff your pita bread or taco with it. Moreover, if you`re a fan of exotic dishes, you may cook delicious Thai or Mexican salads with mango and combination or vegetables, grains or meat.

 Pick up perfect ripe mango and cook various dishes with it. All our recipes are time-tested and kid-friendly!

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