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Integrant recipes: Kiwi

 Kiwi salads, pastry with kiwi, fresh green smoothies – this is only a few little things you may cook, using this fruit.

 Start a new life, cooking fresh lettuce wraps, acai bowls and refreshing cocktails instead of fat and low-calorie dishes. Not a real healthy eater? Enrich traditional dishes, using this simple ingredient. Cook yummy homemade vegan ice cream, soufflé, crepes, tarts or cakes.

 Chefs also recommend using this fruit the way you may use green tomatoes. That means you can mix it with fresh vegetables while cooking different salads or make salsa with this interesting ingredient.  What`s more, you can add it while cooking grilled or fried meat if you want to tenderize its taste!

 Kiwi is a great source of vitamins and minerals, so you should load up on it! We`re happy to help you with interesting and time-tested ideas.