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Integrant recipes: Curry

 Curry powder is a great mixture of spices. It may be really hot or rather mild. Therefore, even if you do not like spicy food, you still will love to cook with this spice.

 The most obvious way to use this ingredient is to cook huge Indian dishes. Homemade chicken curry or spicy meat is much better than takeaways. However, you may go beyond and check out our unexpected ways to cook savory and sweet dishes with curry powder. Roast, grill or fry spicy vegetables. Add it into the pan with hot and cold soups with meat and veggies. Try to cook smooth homemade hummus or upgrade your salad dressing or sauce. Another interesting way to use curry powder is to cook homemade popcorn. The mixture of hot spices and caramel will definitely impress you.

 Check out our recipes for curry meals and desserts to surprise your guests.

5 stars
Chicken Paella with Pepper and Green Peas
There are a lot of different recipes for paella in Spain. What unites all of them is the usage of rice, paellera (big frying pan) and saffron, giving the dish rich yellow colour. The rest of ingredients used depends on…
5 stars
Chicken Curry
Chicken curry is one of the most popular English dishes. There is even a special fest in England – week of curry. During this period of time people cook different dishes, using this spice. The rest of the world do…
5 stars
Сhicken Curry
This tender dish is a combination of thick Bechamel, spices and juicy chicken breast.
4 stars
Crunchy Chicken Wings Au Gratin
Baked chicken wings aren`t worse than those, cooked in the fryer. This snack is still yummy but not so fat. As poultry is covered with breadcrumbs, this dish cannot be called healthy. However, if you`re not on a diet, you…
5 stars
Chicken With Rice and Curry
Here is a recipe for those who like to combine garnish and main dish in one plate. Curry, cinnamon and cilantro will remind you of Indian cuisine. Still, this dish won`t be too spicy. For cooking this meal, you may…
Fragrant chicken with garlic
4 stars
Fragrant Chicken with Garlic
Chicken is one of the most popular kinds of meat. There is a great variety of dishes, you can cook, using it. For example boiled, baked, fried chicken. Still, today we want to suggest you something special – poultry with…