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Integrant recipes: Corn starch

Corn starch as a separate ingredient is useless. It has no taste and is definitely not attractive. However, it`s very useful when it comes to cooking pastry, casseroles and other interesting meals. This ingredient acts as a thickening agent, turning the liquid into the smooth sauce or even dough.

 Cornstarch can make your pastry softer and yummier. If you like hearty texture of the pies, you should add this underestimated ingredient into the bowl with the dough. You may also cook something lighter and not as high in calories. Cook pudding or sweet soufflé with the cornstarch and enjoy the taste.

 Finally, you may use this dry ingredient for cooking homemade nuggets, chop or cutlets. If you use it instead of the flour of breadcrumbs, your meal will be much healthier!