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Integrant recipes: Chicken

 It`s easy to cook simple, tender and yummy chicken pies, stir-fries, pizzas or pasta. There are endless ways to cook poultry.

 Most of us eat much chicken for dinner, so it`s important to invent something new. We are ready to share with you interesting recipes of baked or grilled chicken for a picnic, fresh spring rolls, and tacos.

Why not to use slow cookers for making quick meals? Bake chicken with vegetables or herbs, cook it with cereal or vegetables. You`ll love the simplicity and taste of all these dishes. Chicken pastry is very delicious as well. Cook pies, casseroles and croissants with juicy and nutritious stuffing. It`s not that difficult. However, if you want to cook something fresher, check our recipes for salads with cheese, eggs or vegetables. All an all, you may definitely find a perfect recipe for you.


Looking for an interesting idea for a nutritious chicken dinner? Here are is a huge choice of recipes for you.

Simple Pie with Minced Chicken
Juicy and nutritious chicken pie will love all your family members. There is a thin layer of the dough and a lot of meat inside. For cooking this dish you may use any part of the chicken or even replace…
Chicken with Potato in the Oven
This dish is simple and everyone like it. Traditional recipe was invented in the USA. However, now there are a lot of interesting and unusual recipes, so cooks may use any of them. Potato can be used for cooking various…
Fragrant Chicken in the Oven
Baked poultry is a widespread meal. Chicken is simple and affordable dish everyone likes. Today I want to share with you the recipe if yummy chicken in the pastry bag. It`s baked with apples, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. You`ll easily…
Pie with Rice and Meat
This yummy pie is very easy to cook. I usually use this recipe when I have no time to prepare something more complicated.
Summer salad with grilled chicken
Here is the recipe of fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers olives and baked chicken.
Spicy baked chicken legs
Spicy chicken legs can be cooked for a picnic or for a festive meal. You should try to cook them. The marinade should be spicy, so taste it before marinating chicken legs. You may add more spices and create tastier…
Chicken rolls
Such chicken rolls are very tasty. You may cook this dish regularly or make it your speciality. It`s really easy to cook and very tasty. You may cook this dish with any stuffing. I prefer to cook them with pineapples…
Peking chicken
This recipe reminds of classical Peking duck. However, it`s much easier to cook small chicken legs than the whole duck. Ingredients: • Chicken legs – 6 pieces • Wine – for marinade • Honey – 2 tbsp. • Ginger juice…
Tender grilled chicken
Tender chicken tastes great, no matter what you eat it with. Here is my recipe of juicy poultry. Ingredients: · Chicken fillet – 2 pieces · Salt – to taste · Ground pepper – to taste · Olive oil –…
Spicy chicken fillet with soy sauce
Spicy chicken fillet is very tasty. If you like such a hot poultry, cook chicken fillet with soy sauce for lunch or dinner. In order for this dish to be spicy, serve it without any garnish. It may be eaten…
Grilled marinated chicken legs
If you`re going for a picnic, use this recipe instead of cooking classical barbeque ribs. It`s much easier to cook chicken legs than any other types of meat and poultry. Ingredients: · Chilli sauce – 1 and ½ cup ·…
Chicken with champignons in cream sauce
This exquisite chicken dish will be a nice dinner for a romantic evening. Surprise your better half with this interesting meal! Ingredients: · Champignons – 2 cups · Chicken fillet – 4 pieces · Cream (with 10% fat content) –…
Chicken with rice and curry
Here is a recipe for those who like to combine garnish and main dish in one plate. Curry, cinnamon and cilantro will remind you of Indian cuisine. Still, this dish won`t be too spicy. For cooking this meal, you may…
Juicy chicken breast, baked in the oven
Chicken breast, backed in the oven can replace different sausages from the supermarket in your ration. This dish is delicious, nutritious and healthy. You may eat this universal meal hot and cold. It is always tasty. Cooks may also use…
Chicken nuggets in the oven
Chicken nuggets in the oven
Today we`ll tell you the recipe of chicken nuggets cooked in the oven. This recipe is much healthier than classical one, as the chicken isn`t fried. The taste remains as perfect as in most of fast food restaurants. Ingredients: ·…
Delicious Cake With Chicken and Mushrooms
Dear friends, I want to present you simple recipe of the cake made of crepes. It`s perfect for a family lunch or a festive dinner. Such a snack with chicken is tender and yummy. Crepes will melt in the mouth. You will…
Chicken feet in spicy-sweet sauce
Chicken Feet in Spicy-sweet Sauce
There are many interesting recipes of baked chicken. Today I will tell you about an exquisite dish – chicken in spicy-sweet sauce. Cooking this dish won`t take much time, since you do not need to marinade poultry all night.
Beautiful salad with chicken and oranges
Beautiful Salad with Chicken and Oranges
There are many different recipes of salads, you may use to surprise your guests. Orange chicken salad is definitely one of them. This exotic dish will please all foodies and weight-watchers.
Fragrant chicken with garlic
Fragrant Chicken with Garlic
Chicken is one of the most popular kinds of meat. There is a great variety of dishes, you can cook, using it. For example boiled, baked, fried chicken. Still, today we want to suggest you something special – poultry with…
Stuffed loaf
Stuffed Loaf
If you are fed up with ordinary sandwiches and wanna some diversity, try stuffed loaf instead. It`s not only tasty and nutritious, but creative as well. Bright filling makes this snack suitable even for festive meals.
Juicy Chicken on a Cabbage Pillow
Juicy Chicken on a Cabbage Pillow
Hello! Today I offer you to cook the juicy chicken in the oven. Cooking of this dish takes not much time. This chicken with vegetables is rosy, juicy and tasty. The fried chicken and the vegetables stew in their own…