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Integrant recipes: Cherry

No matter, whether it`s a cherry season, or you`ve simply bought a pack of frozen berries. This juicy and yummy ingredients can inspire you on cooking a lot of gorgeous desserts. And if you`re ready to experiment, you may use it even while preparing a main meal!

 Likewise most of berries, cherry may be used while baking tarts, pies, muffins and other pastry. Don`t forget to add sugar or honey if you`re a real sweet-tooth. Cherry isn`t that sweet, you know. If you like to eat healthy, add this bright ingredient to your delicious breakfast. Fresh, frozen or even dry cherry may be used while cooking oatmeal, pancakes or a smoothie bowl. Finally, you may use its unusual flavor while cooking meat or poultry. You`ll love this combination of tastes!

 Cherry is available all the year round. So, do not miss our best recipes with this berry!

5 stars
Chocolate Mousse with Cherries
This exquisite dessert is easy to cook and is always eaten is several minutes.
French Croissants with Cherries and Chocolate
Gorgeous French croissants with tender filling are very delicious and easy to cook.
5 stars
Cherry Strudel
Hello, guys! Today we`ll cook cherry strudel with almond and cinnamon.Summer is a great time to cook fresh desserts with cherry, so you should definitely try this pastry. It`s bright, fragrant and of course yummy.Still, there are several moments you…
50 minutes
4 persons
5 stars
French Cherry Pie
Cherries are one of the most popular berries. They have bright taste and are low in calories. If you love this berry, here is one more interesting recipe for you. This French pie can be cooked in an hour. What`s…
5 stars
Cherry Pie
Open pies are tasty and filled with the big amount of stuffing. You may use this instruction while cooking pies with different berries. However, I prefer to use cherry. This pie reminds me of “Twin Peaks Cherry Pie”. If you want to…
Yorkshire muffin
5 stars
Yorkshire Muffin
Yorkshire tea muffin is a traditional British dessert. It`s cooked with a big amount of dry fruit, tea, whiskey and spices. This combination makes cake juicy. I`ve chosen spices to taste. Therefore, you can replace them with any other combination of herbs…