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Integrant recipes: Cheese

Cheese should definitely be included in the list of the most popular and most often used ingredients. Even if you`re not a fan of melting salty cheese yet, you`re sure to become the one. All you need is to cook one of our dishes.

 It may be sandwiches with a crust of grilled cheese, or amazing pizza with the variety of toppings, or even classical macaroni. Discover Italian, Mexican and traditional American dishes and enjoy the variety of tastes. If you`re planning to change your life and become a healthy eater, you won`t need to deprive yourself and forget all your favorite dishes. Try to cook light salads, spring rolls or low-calorie omelets with Brie, brynza or Mozzarella. You`ll be surprised with the variety of dishes you may eat!

 We`re happy to share with you various recipes of cheese rolls, crunchy toasts, sauces and pies. All of them are time-tested and affordable. So, less talking, more cooking!

Potato with Cheese in the Oven
Baked potato with cheese is simple meal, even a newbie can cook. This hot dish tastes great in combination with any other dish you like. I recommend you to use long potatoes. It`s easier to cut it. If you like…
Pineapple Pizza with Smoked Chicken
This pizza is tender and exquisite. If you like unusual combinations of tastes, you should definitely try this dish.
Diabola with Salami, Olives and Peppers
Diabola with salami is traditional thick Italian pizza. It`s usually served with sausages, tomatoes, cheese and the best olive oil you can find. There is no one time-tested recipe. The one I want to share with you is good enough.…
Cheese Cream Soup with Broccoli
This dish is great for both kids and adults. It`s tender yummy and definitely worth trying. 
Quick Breakfast: Unsweetened Muffins with Cheese
Muffins shouldn`t necessarily be sweet! You`ll be surprised how tasty and easy to cook these breakfast muffins are.
Zucchini Pancakes with Cheese and Sour Cream Sauce
Yummy pancakes with cheese and sour cream sauce are very tender. All your guests will like this dish! Cover these yummy pancakes with the sauce and form an unusual cake.
Homemade pizza
Italian delicacies are popular all over the world. Today I`ll teach you to cook yummy homemade pizza.
Spaghetti with tomatoes and basil
Gorgeous spaghetti with tomatoes and basil is loved by all Italians. In fact, this dish is really simple. All you need is to buy: whole-wheat pasta and cook it with vegetables and herbs.
Eggplants baked with cheese and tomatoes
Summer is a perfect time to fill your organism with vitamins. One of the easiest ways to do it is to eat vegetables and fruits. Here is one interesting recipe of eggplants cooked with cheese and Italian spices.
Eggs with avocado
Avocado is used for cooking different dishes. It`s rich in vitamins and good fats. If you eat it regularly, you`ll always be healthy and beautiful.
Mashed Potato Pancakes
If I have leftovers in the fridge, it`s a great chance to cook yummy mashed potato pancakes. This dish is simple and tender. Its taste depends on the rest of the ingredients you add.
Baby-potato with cheese stuffing
Potato is one of the most popular ingredients, used for cooking yummy dishes all over the world. Here is one more interesting idea for dinner for those, who like this vegetable.
Italian meatballs with tomato sauce
This is an interesting recipe for everyday ration. These meatballs with grated cheese are creamy and spicy. Homemade sauce is very yummy as well. You may save it and eat with mashed potato or any other dish.
Stuffed peppers for diner
This dish is low in calories and may be eaten for dinner. You may also stuff you peppers with carrot, nuts, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic or cottage cheese.
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Tortilla Cheesecake
Mexican tortilla with different kinds of stuffing may be a good snack or even dinner. Here is the recipe of fried cheesecake tortilla. It`s tasty and creamy, so you`ll love it`s taste!
snack foods, easy snacks, baked sausage patties, sausage burgers
Snack Сake with Ыausages
There are a lot of delicious recipes of baked sausage patties and sausage burgers. If you have tried both of these ideas, here is one more recipe for you. Snack cake with amazing taste! Your friends will eat it in a minute.…
Quick Breakfast. Toasts Cordon Bleu
Yummy quick toasts may add diversity to your eating routine. They are easy to cook and much tastier than traditional sandwiches. Toasts have the crunchy crust and juicy filling. Everyone will like such a breakfast.
Quick pot meal
Quick Pot Meal
If you don`t have much time for cooking the dinner, but still want your meal to be delicious, cook simple one pot meals. Classical potato dish becomes creamy `cause of the cheese layer. Ham gives potato appetizing aroma and dill makes it…
Focaccia with Cheese
Italian focaccia is less famous than pizza. Still, it`s delicious fragrant and deserving your attention. Best focaccia recipe is simple, so each of you is able to cook it. Olives make the taste of this dish exquisite. This delicious focaccia melts…
Mushroom Salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe…
Cheese sauce
Cheese Sauce
Fresh vegetables and mushrooms are so delicious. However sometimes they become tastier while being eaten with special sauce. Cheese sauce is one of the best. It gives vegetable tender taste and makes spring ration more various. We`ve found the best…
Changeling Pizza-Pie
Changeling Pizza-Pie
Hello. Today we`ll cook vegetable Pizza-Pie. This is a unique pizza recipe, which can be used even in the pie pizzeria menu. This pizza pie is very tasty and easy to cook.
Tasty Greek fish
Tasty Greek fish
f you like greek food, this recipe is must-cook for you. Cooking this dish is as easy as making sprat in tomato sauce. Delicious taste and simple ingredients make this baked fish a real masterpiece.
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed Peppers
I like cooking different vegetable snacks. It`s real pleasure to create something new for your close people. Such snacks are always tender and delicious. Another positive moment is that you do not need much time to cook veggies. So, let`s…
Potato pancakes with chicken and mushrooms
Potato Pancakes With Chicken and Mushrooms
Potato pancakes with interesting fillings are popular in our family. Recently, I`ve tried new potato pancake recipe. Snack with chicken and mushrooms was a great success.
Yummy cheesecakes with a small secret
Yummy Сheesecakes with A Small Secret
Today I want to tell you the recipe of delicious cheesecakes with a small secret. You`ve never tried anything like that before! They are thick, poofy and fragrant. You can swallow your tongue, eating this cheesy delicacy. However, it`s not…
Quick potato pies
Quick Potato Pies
These pies are delicious due to the special dough. It`s tasty and crunchy. At the same time, this dish is really nutritious. It can replace famous pork pies. Try and you`ll definitely like it. Everyone, who cooked it to my…
Festive salad
Festive Salad
When the holidays are coming, each housewife wants to cook something special and create a new recipe. The main secret of perfect salad recipes is that they are easy and you do not need to spend much time cooking. At…
Snack rolls
Snack Rolls
Two-colored snack made of pancakes is both delicious and beautiful. Cook it to decorate your festive table or make a routine breakfast brighter.
Fish pie
Fish Pie
Easy fish pie recipes are popular all over the world. Nutritionists notice that fish is good for health and rich in useful microelements. Today we`ll tell you about salmon fish pie recipe, which is definitely worth your attention.