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Integrant recipes: Cauliflower

You may call this vegetable tasteless, but when cooked with spices and herbs, it turns out to be fresh and yummy. Its soft texture makes cauliflower perfect garnish. Stew it, mash or fry and serve with steaks, chicken wings or grilled fish.  

 This ingredient is for everyone – both chefs and kitchen newbies may cope with cooking it! If you aren`t good at cooking, mash it or grill with spices and enjoy the simplicity of the dish. However, if you`re not afraid of complicated dishes, check out our recipes for cauliflower soups, curries and vegan pizzas. Cauliflower pastry is definitely underestimated. Try to cook green casserole, cake or pies and you`ll understand it.

 Find perfect recipes for classical cauliflower dishes or exotic snacks and get rid of stereotypes associated with this healthy vegetable.