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Integrant recipes: Carrot

You can eat carrot literary every day. There are hundreds of interesting recipes of dishes with this bright orange vegetable. It`s surprisingly simple to work with. You may use it for cooking perfect meat or vegetable meals or creating gorgeous desserts.

Everyone should have simple and healthy recipes at hand. They`ll help you to keep fit and organize detox days. We`ve found for you the best recipes for carrot salads, smoothies or vegetable bowls. Carrot tastes great when glazed, caramelized or mixed with sweet sauces. If you wanna to cook something more nutritious than fresh desserts, boil cream soups, fry carrot chops or fritters, or stew it with another vegetable. Don`t forget about a real must-cook – carrot pastry. Bright orange cakes and muffins with carrot must be added to the list of your favorites.

 You may not think too much about the carrot, but it`s really on of the most versatile vegetables. So, scroll down and check out the list of the best dishes with this bright orange root.

Pike Soup with The Secret Ingredient
Most of cooks prefer to use simple white fish for cooking most of dishes. However, if there is a nice pike on your fridge, you may go further and surprise your friends with the tasty pike soup!
Rice with Meat and Vegetables in the Multi-cooker
Rice is healthy and yummy grain, you may eat regularly. If you`re looking for an interesting recipe for rice with vegetables, here is the recipe for you!
Spicy Carrot Muffins: the Best Vegetable Dessert
Most of us love cakes. However, we can`t cook them as often as we want. The best way out is to bake yummy muffins. You may cook them even every day. Use vegetables for cooking such a dessert and it…
Wild Mushrooms Soup
Today I`ll teach you to cook simple soup with wild mushrooms, carrot and potatoes.
Autumn Stew with Sweet Potato, Mushrooms and Beans
This stew with vegetables and beans is very yummy and nutritious. You`ll love it`s fragrant and taste.
Vegan Chops with Tomato Sauce
The main problem for the vegetarians is to find tasty and interesting dishes without using meat. Here is an interesting recipe for vegan chops made of chickpeas. They are very yummy and fragrant.
Carrot Cake with Caramelized Oranges
This simple carrot cake is easy to cook. I recommend you to try this recipe as soon as possible. For cooking this dish you won`t need to buy any special ingredients. Use all you can find in your kitchen. Your…
Soup with Chicken Meatballs
One of the best homemade dishes is yummy soup with chicken meatballs. This dish is simple and easy to cook. Eat it hot and enjoy the rich taste. If you like, you may use some extra ingredients: rice, potato, tomato…
Stewed cabbage with prunes
Stewed cabbage with prunes is a very simple, but yummy dish.
Chickpea Vegetable Soup
If you`re going to lose several extra pounds, here is an interesting recipe for you. It`s something in the middle between nutritious lunch and diet soup. One more plus of this dish is that it`s very tasty. Therefore, you do…
Stuffed potato with ham and cheese
Here is the recipe of delicious potato, stuffed with cream cheese, garlic and prosciutto.
Juicy ham baked in the tinfoil
This baked ham may become an alternative to sausages. It is healthy and very delicious.
Tomatoes and Pepper Smoothie
This heating tomato smoothie is one of the most unusual snacks you may cook this summer!
Chicken legs with rice
Today I want to give you the recipe of the simple dish, made of chicken legs and rice. It has something in common with pilaf. Rice is very juicy and has rich taste. Try to cook it and enjoy the…
Stuffed peppers for diner
This dish is low in calories and may be eaten for dinner. You may also stuff you peppers with carrot, nuts, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic or cottage cheese.
Mushroom Salad
There are many interesting recipes using mushrooms. Today I will share will you one of them. Salad with mushrooms looks nice, so that this dish may even decorate your festive table. Your guests will definitely ask you to share the recipe…
Fat burning diet soup
Fat Burning Diet Soup
Dear girls and women, today I want to share with you the recipe of fat burning soup. Perhaps, you`ve heard of soup diets that work. This dish is a part of such a ration. Tomato soup will help you to…
Lean salad with mushrooms
Lean Olivier Salad with Mushrooms
Recently I`ve tried lean Olivier salad with mushrooms in one of vegetarian restaurants. I liked it so much! It`s one of the easiest salad recipes. You can cook it at home without wasting much money on ingredients. I tried to…
Very tasty meat pie
Very Tasty Meat Pie
Sometimes dinner ideas with ground beef may be really interesting. Cooking meat pie is one of such ideas. It definitely deserves your attention, so don`t waste your time, read the recipe and try to make this tasty dish at home.
Fast Cooking Spicy Cabbage
Fast Cooking Spicy Cabbage
Hello. Today will share with you the recipe for spicy cabbage recipe; your family will eat this dish very quickly. Let`s cook it!
Juicy Chicken on a Cabbage Pillow
Juicy Chicken on a Cabbage Pillow
Hello! Today I offer you to cook the juicy chicken in the oven. Cooking of this dish takes not much time. This chicken with vegetables is rosy, juicy and tasty. The fried chicken and the vegetables stew in their own…