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Integrant recipes: Bulgur

This cereal food can be used as a garnish, no matter what are you going to eat it with. It`s called one of the best fat-burning grains. So, if you`re on a diet, do not miss a chance to find a nutritious and yummy recipe to enrich your boring food ration. We offer a wide choice of recipes with vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or even seafood.

 Bulgur is also used while cooking traditional Turkish and Eastern dishes. Many recipes for pilafs, vegan chops or even pies call for this nutritious ingredient. Cooks like to add it to vegetable soups and salads, or even cook amazing breakfasts with crunchy bulgur. When mixed with Greek yogurt, nuts or berries, it turns out to be a perfect alternative to oatmeal.

 Check out our recipes and forget all your fears – even if you`ve nor tasted bulgur yet, it`s definitely worth your attention. Try to cook at least one of the recommended dishes and you`ll become one more fan of bulgur.