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Integrant recipes: Brown sugar

 Many modern recipes for pastry and light desserts call for brown sugar. So, this ingredient is becoming really popular. It had a surprisingly nice texture of the moist sand and less sweet taste. This ingredient is commonly used for cooking topping, caramel or sweet sauce.

  Another way of using this sweetener is cooking stir-fries. Lots of Asian sour-sweet dishes should be cooked with brown sugar as well as traditional meat or poultry snacks. Vegetarians may use it for glazing vegetables or fruits – this is the easiest way to make sweet and healthy dessert. Another simple dish for a snack is popcorn with smooth brown sugar caramel. Add cinnamon or salt and enjoy this new version of the old dish.

 Brown sugar may replace the white one your kitchen. It has richer taste and gives all you dishes extra flavor. Therefore, hoard brown sugar and interesting recipes from our website to make your life better and sweeter.