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Integrant recipes: Beet root

Beetroot is the vegetable you definitely need to use if you want to become healthier or lose several extra pounds. There is a big choice of dishes you may cook, using this ruby-red ingredient.

 You may roast this vegetable, wrapping it in the tinfoil or slicing and mixing with carrot, onion and pepper. If you are a real foodie, pay attention to something more exquisite: beetroot fritters, vegan burgers, panchadi or Kurma. Boil these veggies and use while cooking salads, stews or hummus. By the way, vegetables shouldn`t always be used for making spicy and salty dishes. Push yourself past your comfort zone and cook beetroot cake, creamy smoothie or light rosy chips.

This unique ingredient may be used for cooking main meals, appetizers and light soups or salads. So, next time you go shopping, don`t forget to but several beetroots and put one of our ideas into practice.