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Integrant recipes: Bananas

Fresh and ripe bananas can save most of your meals! Banana is one of the best ingredients you may use as the natural sweetener.

 It may be added into the natural dough, breakfast bowl or healthy dessert. Cook yummy banana bread, breakfast pancakes or cookies with dry fruits and don` t stress while dieting! Another idea is to check our recipes for smoothies. Mixture of mashed banana, fruits and berries is always a great idea. If there is a ripe banana in your fridge, you may easily cook gorgeous banana ice cream or soufflé. If you prefer traditional ice cream, you may decorate it with several slices of banana as well. Such dishes as caramelized, grilled or covered with hot chocolate bananas may surprise even a real foodie!

 Yellow bananas are loved by adults and kids. If you want to go beyond and learn to cook something more complicated than fruit salads and sandwiches, scroll down and taste one of our recipes.

Banana Pie with Cream
 Baking an easy dessert pie with bananas doesn’t take much time. However, you can easily spoil everything if you do something wrong. For the fruit not to go brown, sprinkle the slices with lemon or orange juice. Do not use…
Amazing Banana Muffins. Easy Breakfast Recipe for Busy Mornings
When it comes to making breakfast, it's always a good idea to use Bisquick. It will save you time when you're planning on making waffles, pancakes and of course muffins. They are light, tasty and taste great with a glass…
Delicious Homemade Rice Pudding with Chia Seeds and Bananas
This delicious combination of creamy rice pudding, bananas and healthy chia seeds is a perfect breakfast for anyone. A yummy bowl of homemade rice pudding can replace a bunch of or classical oatmeal with dry fruits. Try it once and…
Best Banana Pudding Recipe
Airy banana pudding with light whipped tender cookies and ripe fruit is one of the best desserts. This is one of the classical Southern dishes every family can eat with pleasure.  This recipe for banana pudding is extremely easy. This…
Quick and Yummy Banana Muffins with Chocolate and Nuts
Soft and tender muffins with spices, chocolate and walnuts are very yummy and rather healthy. This dessert can be cooked in 30 minutes. So, you can quickly make this delicious treat. Another plus of this recipe is that you only…
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Breakfast Oatmeal with Bananas and Caramel
There are a lot of ways of cooking classical breakfast porridge. Delicious baked , overnight oats or healthy oatmeal with fruit and berries… you can treat yourself with something new every time! Here is the recipe for a simple banana…
Fried Filipino Bananas. A Perfect Asian Dessert
Tasty fried bananas, served with  and walnuts are truly delicious and easy to cook. Like most Filipino dishes, this dish can be eaten even on a hot day, thanks to its light texture and low calories. Prepare Filipino bananas and…
Layered Chia Pudding with Tender Pears and Fresh Bananas
If you want to make your ration healthier, we`re happy to share a recipe for the light and delicious breakfast. This chia pudding recipe is definitely worth your attention. If you like this dish, you may change some ingredients, experimenting…
Banana Fritters. Awesome Dessert
The recipes of fritters were famous for hundreds of years. First fritters were cooked with the flowers. Caramelized petals become one of the favorite desserts of kings and queens. So, cooks developed the recipe and added new ways of cooking…
Chicken Skewers with Banana. Exotic Meal with Poultry and Fruit
Delicious Thai chicken banana skewers is an unusual but rather interesting dish. If you spend your vacation in the Philippines or Thai, you may try such a dish. However, there is no need to go somewhere to try unusual food.…