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Integrant recipes: Baking powder

All the bakers are familiar with this ingredient. Baking powder is used for cooking all types of pastry. It must be blended with liquid or acidic ingredients. It allows you to cook perfect bread, cakes, and cookies without any problems.

 Baking powder is easier to use than baking soda or dry yeast. Almost all quick recipes of pastry include this ingredient. An instant baking powder is indispensable while cooking quick casseroles, pies, muffins, and cakes. Most of the recipes will instruct you to mix dry ingredients in the separate bowl for the liquid not to speed up the reaction. In this case, all the pies, cakes, and other delicacies are fluffy and non-bitter.

 For more information check out our non-yeast recipes with baking powder.

Muffins in the Microwave Oven
If you need to treat your sudden guests with something special, here is an easy recipe for you. To cook this dessert you need to use simple ingredients and silicone forms. Let`s get down to work!
Chicken Waffles with Green Onion
If you don’t like sweet breakfasts, here is an interesting idea for you: yummy Belgian waffles with chicken and green onion.
Gorgeous Chocolate Muffins with Nutella
Here is an interesting dessert with double chocolate. You may eat these yummy muffins with your favorite tea or a cup of coffee.
Chocolate Cake with Berries and Mascarpone
Tender chocolate cake with exquisite mascarpone cream is a perfect dessert for the real foodies. Meanwhile, such a delicacy is rather easy to cook. Here is the simple recipe for you.
Spicy Carrot Muffins: the Best Vegetable Dessert
Most of us love cakes. However, we can`t cook them as often as we want. The best way out is to bake yummy muffins. You may cook them even every day. Use vegetables for cooking such a dessert and it…
Coconut Cookies
If you have 15 minutes, you can cook delicious coconut cookies.
Banana Pancakes with Blueberry
Yummy pancakes with maple syrup, berries and fruits are rather popular. Though I`m not a big pancake-lover, I still like to experiment with different recipes for this breakfast. Today I will share with you an interesting recipe for pancakes with…
Pumpkin Pancakes
I love pumpkin and try to cook it as frequently as possible. More than savory dishes I like pumpkin desserts. Today I`ll share with you an interesting recipe for pumpkin pancakes. The main ingredient changes the structure of classical pancakes…
Pumpkin Muffins with Walnuts and Cinnamon
Taste of yummy pumpkin combined with amazing fragrant of cinnamon will evoke your appetite!
Carrot Cake with Caramelized Oranges
This simple carrot cake is easy to cook. I recommend you to try this recipe as soon as possible. For cooking this dish you won`t need to buy any special ingredients. Use all you can find in your kitchen. Your…
Zucchini Chops
Zucchini chops are very yummy and fragrant. Garlic and dill make this dish juicy. It`s perfect dinner for anyone. Even if you`re trying to keep fit, you still may east this yummy meal. For the chops to be airy I…
Airy Thin Pancakes
Here is one more recipe for traditional yummy pancakes.
Pie with Rice and Meat
This yummy pie is very easy to cook. I usually use this recipe when I have no time to prepare something more complicated.
Quick Breakfast: Unsweetened Muffins with Cheese
Muffins shouldn`t necessarily be sweet! You`ll be surprised how tasty and easy to cook these breakfast muffins are.
Amazing Chocolate Sponge Cake
I want to share with you this perfect chocolate sponge cake. It`s easy to cook and very tender, You`ll like its rich chocolate taste and colour. It`s really easy to cut this cake into 2,3 or 4 pieces. Meanwhile, it`s…
Easy chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate sponge cake is very easy to cook. If you follow my instructions, you`ll make high and delicious cake. It tastes good in combination with any cream and stuffing you like.
Bunny Shaped Buns
Hello. Today I offer you to cook perfect buns made of cottage cheese dough in the shape of Bunnies. I like this recipe, `cause the dough is cooked very quickly.  The simple bun is soft, tender, airy, and saves its…
Healthy oatmeal pancakes
These oatmeal pancakes have bright taste, velvety texture and great fragrance. They are much healthier than traditional pancakes with wheat flour. Cook them for breakfast and enjoy the taste!
Chocolate coffee cake
This chocolate cake has reach taste and is easy to cook. You`ll be amused by its wet texture and strong fragrant of coffee and chocolate. One more plus is that chocolate cream may be used for decoration. This process is…
Amazing rainbow cake
If you`re going to organize a birthday party for your child, here is the main delicacy for the festive meal. This unusual and delicious rainbow cake will amuse your child. This is the best present for you. And of course…
Homemade apple pie
Hello guys! It`s time to eat and cook apples. That`s why I want to share with you the recipe of famous apple pie with sour cream. It`s amazingly tasty, good-looking and unusual. You`ll love it`s velvety texture and sour zest.…
Pancakes with honey and cinnamon
Traditional American pancakes are usually served with maple syrup and blueberry. Still, if you`re tired of this classical combination, you may experiment with something new. For example, you may cook yummy pancakes with sweet sauce made of honey and cinnamon.…
Walnut cake
Walnut Cake
Today I want to share the recipe of Walnut cake with the readers of Very Tasty. It`s one of my favourite desserts. It`s easy to cook and extremely tasty. There are no unhealthy or too expensive ingredients in this recipe.…
Apple pie with the custard
Apple Pie with The Custard
My granny says that this pie is for all generations. Each one adds something to the original recipe and improves it. Today I suggest you my recipe of apple pie with the custard. It has a divine taste. There are…
Donuts on the condensed milk
Donuts with Condensed Milk
Classical homemade donuts with condensed milk are tasty and easy to cook. Even if you have no experience of cooking, it ‘ll be easy for you to make them at home.
Snack rolls
Snack Rolls
Two-colored snack made of pancakes is both delicious and beautiful. Cook it to decorate your festive table or make a routine breakfast brighter.
Quick Chocolate Cake
Quick Chocolate Cake
Hello. Today I am cooking quick chocolate cake using the best chocolate cake recipe. For cooking this dessert you need to: mix dry chocolate cake ingredients, combine them with the liquid,  pour it into the baking form and bake. The cake…
The Cake on the Pan
The Cake on the Pan
Hello. Today I am cooking the yummy cake on the pan. This non-baked dessert is great for those who doesn`t have an oven at home. This delicious cake is very tender, tasty, melting in the mouth and not too sweet.  Let’s…
Quick cheesecakes in a frying pan
Quick Cheesecakes in A Frying Pan
For those, loving snacks on snacks, homemade khachapuri will be a real godsend. They are traditional Georgian dish you definitely have to taste. However, these cheese snacks are not that easy to be prepared. That is why we`ve found a…
Cheese Muffins. Cooking in Minutes and Eating in Seconds
Cheese Muffins
Hello, friends! Today I`ll share with you cheese muffins recipe. These muffins are tender and delicious. You can use different types of cheese to make the new taste of muffins, for example, halloumi cheese. Let’s start!